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bmw project i

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    Report: BMW to launch two cars below 1 Series by 2014

    According to Auto Motor und Sport, BMW will add two new small cars to slot below the current 1 Series by 2014. One of those vehicles has already been publicly confirmed by the automaker, the Megacity, an urban commuter BMW is developing as a dedicated electric car. The powertrain technology will be ...

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    BMW trademarks "Countryman" for Mini crossover name?

    MINI Crossover Concept - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Thanks to a few eagle-eyed BMW fans with a handy penchant for tracking trademark filings, we may know the name of the upcoming and oft-spied Mini crossover: the Countryman. If this is indeed the case, the badge would go hand-in-hand ...

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    Spy Shots: Is this the face of the next Mini Cooper? Probably not.

    Take a good look at the spy shot above. The car you see is obviously a MINI of some sort, though nobody seems quite sure what to make of it. There's a possibility that it's nothing more than a clay mock-up of a possible design direction that didn't make it into production, but it could also be some ...

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    BMW considering range of two-, three- and four-wheelers for Project i

    BMW Clever concept - Click above for an image gallery
    Back in the summer of 2007, BMW and the University of Bath put their combined heads together and designed a vehicle called the Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transportation, or Clever for short. Using just three wheels and an engine ...

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    BMW Announces Megacity hybrid-electric vehicle

    BMW Chairman Norbert Reithofer has reportedly confirmed a new eco-friendly machine called the Megacity Vehicle as part of the automaker's Project i. Beyond the name, details are sketchy. According to Reithofer, "Customers will have the choice between a fully electric drive and a high-efficiency ...

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    Bangle rumored to resign over Project i

    Earlier this week, the automobile world was shocked with news that BMW Design Chief Chris Bangle was not only retiring from his duties at BMW, but leaving the auto realm entirely. Say what you want about the direction that Bangle took BMW styling, but there's no evidence that the automaker wanted ...

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    Rendered Speculation: BMW iSetta

    What you see above is a rendering of what a revived BMW Isetta could look like. While it may have been a shot in the dark a few months ago when it was rendered, following BMW's revelation that it is studying new options for urban vehicles, the idea is back on the table. The design is certainly ...

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    BMW launching Project i to develop city cars

    BMW is taking the prospect of building city cars seriously with the launch of Project i. The new research and development unit of the Bavarian automaker is being established to look at alternative solutions for urban vehicles for use in metropolitan cores where access and emissions pose growing ...


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