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bmw marketing

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    Video: The 'Ultimate Driving Machine' is back

    No matter what you think about the BMW brand or its vehicles, you've got to admit that it's got the greatest slogan of any car company, ever. "The Ultimate Driving Machine" is one of those timeless phrases that ad execs dream about and companies pay millions to come up with. According to The New ...

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    BMW shopping for a new ad agency. Oh, Joy!

    BMW of North America is beginning a review for its $150 million U.S. ad account, the company said on Monday. The decision comes after a tumultuous six months for the company, having lost its long-time marketing executive, Jack Pitney,to a tragic accident last October and then parting with its ...

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    Opinion: Is BMW becoming too soft?

    "Happiness isn't around the corner. Happiness IS the corner." So said an ad for BMW created in 1996 for the Z3. In the TV version (see the video at the very bottom after the break), a heavy-metal music track underlined the idea, which was carried over to magazines and billboards. I'm reminded of ...

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    Report: Creed to head BMW NA marketing after Pitney passing

    BMW's North American Vice President of Aftersales, Dan Creed, has been chosen to replace former marketing VP Jack Pitney, who passed away last month as the result of a tragic accident on his farm. Creed will pick up the reins of marketing as well as product planning and strategy for The Roundel in ...

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    Video: BMW turns Singapore buildings into amazing 3D Joy

    BMW takes Singapore – Click above to watch video after the jump
    BMW advertising gurus have a big job ahead of them when it comes to supplementing their longstanding "Ultimate Driving Machine" slogan with the company's new "Joy" campaign. Bimmer fanboys had lived and died by the company's ...

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    Marketing 101: Make stuff up, make it visible - BMW's subtle 1-Series shilling

    Marketing campaigns are always in search of a new hook, and BMW's gotten creative to help keep the 1-Series on boil. Readers of the March 24th edition of Autoweek were treated to a smattering of tiny-Roundel factoids at the bottom of the mag's pages. Some of them might be true, while others seem ...

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    Today's time waster: BMW lets you set the PACE

    We like video games as much as anybody, and gaming combined with some international competition is even better. We also like BMWs, so when we found that the folks from Bavaria had a flash-based racing game with BMWs racing against Mustangs and Challengers through the streets of Europe, we had to ...


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