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bmw m5 concept

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    Rumormill: All-wheel-drive BMW M5 in the cards

    The times, they are a changin'... and so is the BMW M5. Since it hit the streets back in 1985, the M5 has always been a beastly Bavarian that sends power solely to the rear wheels, but now, new reports are stating that the all-new F10 M5 may be available with all-wheel drive. Exact details of ...

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    Submit your questions for Autoblog Podcast #224

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    We record Episode #224 of the Autoblog Podcast tonight, so check out our discussion topics below. You can use the forum below to drop us your own feedback and questions, or vote on your fellow readers' submissions to help determine what ...

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    Report: BMW to unveil M5 Concept in Shanghai

    The Chinese market is becoming increasingly vital for automakers like BMW, which could go a long way towards explaining why the Bavarian company has chosen the world's most populous nation as the location to unveil such new debuts as the long-wheelbase 5 Series and the Concept Gran ...


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