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bmw e9

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    ETC: BMW CS reinterpretation proves retro can be sexy [w/video]

    Designer David Obendorfer doesn't work for BMW, but perhaps the German automaker should give him a call. His CS Vintage Concept shows a singular ability to understand the brand's classic style and reinterpret it for today. He isn't some amateur, either. Obendorfer has an industrial design degree ...

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    Video: BMW looks back at the sultry 3.0 CSI coupe

    E9. No, we haven't sunk your battleship. We just wanted to remind you of one the greatest BMW models ever. BMW wants to jog your memory, too, which is why it put together a short video documenting the E9's history, with a specific focus on the 3.0 CSi. Approximately 8,359 examples of the stylish ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: BMW 3.0 CS/CSL Group 2 Racing Coupe

    BMW 3.0 CS/CSL Group 2 Racing Coupe - click above image for gallery
    So how'd you like to get your hands on this? First, a little explanation of what this is. You are looking at (and hopefully bidding on) a car that began life in 1968 as a 1969 BMW 2800 CS where it served for five-months as a BMW ...


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