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    Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of BMW's 'Drift Mob,' Part 2 [w/video]

    After spending four days practicing about a dozen drift stunt moves in a parking lot for an upcoming BMW "Drift Mob" internet mini-film, Rhys Millen, Sam Hübinette, Dai Yoshihara, Rich Rutherford, and Conrad Grunewald are finally ready for show time. We are brought to the huge urban traffic ...

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    Video: BMW releases six-second 3 Series commercial winners

    BMW held a competition called "0 to Desir3 in 5.9 Seconds" that invited filmic types to submit a 5.9-second commercial for the 3 Series – the precise amount of time it takes the new 3 to get from 0 to 60 mph. More than 2,000 clips were entered, from which 30 finalists were chosen. The ...

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    Video: BMW entering Super Bowl fray with two spots for new 3 Series

    In crafting its Super Bowl strategy, BMW cribbed a page from the Suzuki playbook. (Have we ever been able to say that before?) The Bavarian brand will be airing two regional commercials on Sunday, one in New York and the other in the Los Angeles area, both promoting the new 2012 3 Series. The ...

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    Video: Audi renews ad wars, takes shot at BMW in new commercial

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    BMW and Audi can always be counted on for a good marketing fight. The two German luxury automakers first went kopf an kopf in European print ads, then on U.S. airwaves and next on our billboards. But after a bit of back and forth, the "good natured" ...

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    VIDEO: BMW's "Jump for Joy" Part 2 ends with Audi nut buster

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    Last week, we showed you BMW's new "Jump for Joy" ad. The 1:16 video features BMW owners literally jumping into their vehicles in spectacular fashion. Decent commercial overall, but it lacked that certain zing that Audi's "Meet the Beckers" spots ...

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    VIDEO: BMW drops M3 spot on suspecting enthusiasts

    We've already given you production pictures and specs of the all-new 2008 BMW M3 Coupe, and now we present to you the first commercial. The 30 second spot shows the Bavarian badass using its very existence to transform regular road twisties into a race-track. The best part of the video is the ...


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