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bmw carbon fiber

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    Report: BMW to offer carbon fiber wheels in a year or two

    The Citroën SM sat on the first set of production glass fiber and resin wheels in 1972 when parent company Michelin developed the exotic hoops in order to take the SM rallying. It wasn't until 2008 that we got the first all-carbon-fiber wheel for passenger cars in the form of a prototype ...

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    Video: BMW M3 CRT gets first official footage

    BMW has been so kind as to give us all a glimpse at the company's upcoming M3 CRT. The engineers behind the German automaker's M performance arm have taken pains to dip their standard M3 into a vat of delicious carbon fiber, and the result is a lightweight version of the menacing sedan. Designed ...

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    BMW M3 CRT introduces lightweight carbon fiber production process

    Meet the new BMW M3 CRT. In this case, those letters do not mean cathode ray tube (think old-school computer monitors). According to BMW, CRT is short for Carbon Racing Technologies, and that's the kind of thing we can really get behind. That's especially true when the car being CRT-ized is the ...

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    BMW, SGL announce new carbon fiber plant in Moses Lake, WA

    BMW has just announced that the company will join forces with Seattle-based SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers LLC to build a new manufacturing facility in Moses Lake, Washington. Don't get too excited just yet. The plant won't be cranking out CF bits for your 3 Series so that you can have a roof that ...

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    Add Lightness: BMW signs joint venture to further carbon fiber research

    Now that steel and aluminum are vying for top billing as the metal of choice in Automobile Land, carbon fiber is often considered the next logical step towards reducing the prodigious weight of today's cars and trucks – especially for high performance and eco-friendly vehicles. The problem, ...


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