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    Video: Olympics + 3 Series + Free Service: Enough for BMW to keep luxe lead in 2012?

    BMW has long had an advantage over Mercedes-Benz and Lexus when it comes to maintenance and ownership costs that it has hardly ever advertised – free maintenance for the first four years of ownership. The secret will be no more as the company is about to unleash a major ad push behind the ...

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    Video: BMW entering Super Bowl fray with two spots for new 3 Series

    In crafting its Super Bowl strategy, BMW cribbed a page from the Suzuki playbook. (Have we ever been able to say that before?) The Bavarian brand will be airing two regional commercials on Sunday, one in New York and the other in the Los Angeles area, both promoting the new 2012 3 Series. The ...

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    AdSpotting: BMW 5 Series "Refuel" reintroduces us to The Ultimate Driving Machine

    Company: BMWa Brand: BMW Medium: TV Ad Agency: Grey West Product: 2011 5 Series Campaign: 5 Series "Refuel" What We Like: The swagger is back at BMW. After more than a year of fooling around with "Joy" as a lead ad positioning, a new marketing team at the German automaker is re-emphasizing ...

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    Video: BMW turns Singapore buildings into amazing 3D Joy

    BMW takes Singapore – Click above to watch video after the jump
    BMW advertising gurus have a big job ahead of them when it comes to supplementing their longstanding "Ultimate Driving Machine" slogan with the company's new "Joy" campaign. Bimmer fanboys had lived and died by the company's ...

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    VIDEO: BMW's "Jump for Joy" Part 2 ends with Audi nut buster

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    Last week, we showed you BMW's new "Jump for Joy" ad. The 1:16 video features BMW owners literally jumping into their vehicles in spectacular fashion. Decent commercial overall, but it lacked that certain zing that Audi's "Meet the Beckers" spots ...


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