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bmw 325i

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    Report: BMW dealer sends armed tracker team with helicopter backup to recover loaner car

    BMW dealers in South Africa put Dog The Bounty Hunter to shame – they've got support from Airwolf. According to IOL Motoring, when a dealer's attempts to get back a BMW 325 loaner car were rebuffed by a customer, Ravindra Jainarain, the dealer took matters into his own hands. He hired an ...

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    Video: Watch this well-told simple story of a BMW 3 Series owner

    It's the stories that make cars great. Without stories, memories, or unrequited longing, any particular car or truck would just be a bunch of steel and plastic riding on some tires. The BMW E30 is a car that probably inspired an order of magnitude more stories than it ever spurred buyers. That's ...

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    RR of the Day: 2003 BMW 325i

    Being big fans of the Q-ship, sometimes it's the vehicle that doesn't stand out in the crowd that gets our attention. To this end, Autoblog reader mnjames' BMW 325i gets the glorious distinction of being today's RR of the Day.Mr. James has begun the process of making his 3-series into an even more ...


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