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21Marketing 101: Make stuff up, make it visible - BMW's subtle 1-Series shilling

Marketing campaigns are always in search of a new hook, and BMW's gotten creative to help keep the 1-Series on boil. Readers of the March 24th edition of Autoweek were treated to a smattering of tiny-Roundel factoids at the bottom of the mag's pages. Some of them might be true, while others seem entirely made up. The hard facts are naturally spot-on, but subjective impressions like back seat comfort, desirability, and a link to the 2002 are all tenuous at best. The effort is charming in its clev

13BMW considering tii version of the next 3-series?

Click above for high-res gallery of the BMW Concept 1-Series tii

21BMW bringing aero kit for the 1-series to Geneva, tii variant rumored

Click above for a high-res gallery of the BMW 1-series tii concept.

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