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    Ford lets you Sync for just $395

    Every now and then carmakers come out with gadgets that actually make life a little easier, but then charge the world for it. Not Ford, as its new Sync voice-activated in-car communications and entertainment system can be optioned at a relatively low $395, or you can get it completely free with any ...

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    BMW welcomes the iPhone, first driver review posted

    Wasting no time at all, BMW announced iPhone compatibility for its passenger cars yesterday. Apple's latest supertoy will work in Bimmers equipped with BMW Assist and Bluetooth connectivity. Furthermore, the iPhone's iPod feature gets full radio / iDrive screen integration in the following vehicles ...

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    Nissan prices new 2008 Pathfinder from $25,700

    Click the image above for our full, high-res gallery. Nissan's new 2008 Pathfinder hit dealerships yesterday, boasting a new design on the outside, more gadgets on the inside and more power under the hood. MSRP on the '08 Pathfinder starts at $25,700 for the Pathfinder 4x2 S V6 and $27,700 for the ...

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    BlueTuning: Bluetooth removes the clutter for engine tuners

    Our minds are cluttered enough, so we try to keep the inside of our cars debris free. Unfortunately, that hasn't been possible during the tuning process of our new project car. Between the handheld control module, our cheap, serial-equipped laptop, the yet-to-be-mounted standalone ECU and the wire ...

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    A HUD for all occassions: GlobalTop GPS & Bluetooth HUD Speedmeter

    How would you like to have a gadget that sits on your dash and projects your speed and other vital info onto your windshield so you can focus your eyes on the road instead of the gauge cluster? Heads-Up Displays (HUD) have been around for eons, most effectively employed in aircraft, but with some ...

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    Wacky USB remote-controlled car provides minutes of fun

    Around our office, we're always passing small files between the multiple workstations via USB flash drives. Chinese toymaker Marsilli has come up with a fun way for us to amuse ourselves as we pass files back and forth. Their 512MB flash drive that doubles as an RC car comes with its own race ...

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    Ford and Microsoft offering Sync connectivity in 2008 models

    The refreshened 2008 Ford Focus and Five-Hundred will both be rolled out with Bluetooth connectivity next year thanks to a partnership between the Blue Oval and Microsoft. That company from Redmond developed a system called Sync that includes not only a hands-free Bluetooth wireless system for cell ...

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    X-Mas XJ X-tras from Jaguar

    Buy a Jaguar, get a RAZR. And an iPod. Perfect stocking stuffers that when opened and the laser engraved Jaguar logo noticed, could lead your loved one to rush outside to see the real present in the driveway. What a cute image. If it shows up in a commercial, we want royalties. Besides the ...

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    Legislate me: drivers favor ban on distractions

    A recent study by Response Insurance, a national car insurer, says that cell phones aren't the only driver distractions people want banned. Reading, grooming, and even listening to MP3 players or iPods were on the list with significant support.A few interesting results of the survey is that more ...

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    iLane first hands-and-eyes free email solution for driving

    Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, Inc. (IMS) has unveiled a new device called the iLane that enables a driver to access his/her email in a hands-and-eyes free way. The iLane is designed to handle all incoming information, including emails, phone calls and even text messages. The voice-based ...

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    BMW to go hands-free in the back seat

    With Bluetooth hands-free phoning trickling all the way down to the options lists of  inexpensive motors like the Nissan Versa, high-end car manufacturers are searching for new points of differentiation in the telephony wars. BMW has taken the battle to the back seat, as rear seat ...

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    Lexus LS460 named gadget hound's ride of choice

    If you think that the kid with the most toys wins, you might be interested to know that the Lexus LS 460 has been named the king of high-tech by the Telematics Research Group. TRG says that the LS will have more technology features than any other vehicle offered for sale in the North ...

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    Fiat unveils new Ducato commercial vehicle

    Fiat's new Ducato has been unveiled in advance of its European debut. The commercial van will be twinned with models the automaker's PSA partners, Peugeot and Citroen. The joint venture project is part of the Sevel group (Società Europea Veicoli Leggeri – European Light Vehicle ...

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    Ford to offer Fiesta Freedom for technology buffs

    Ford's UK subsidiary has unveiled their newest special edition, dubbed the Fiesta Freedom. Geared towards technophiles, the model includes £800 ($1,400 USD) of packaged extras, including Bluetooth connectivity and voice-control stereo. Available in a variety of bodystyles and ...


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