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    Report: Bluebird DC50 launch at Beaulieu delayed

    The name Bluebird may be synonymous with speed, made as it were by the land speed record car that bore the name the better part of a century ago. But speed doesn't always come without its setbacks. In July we reported on plans to release a pair of high-performance electric vehicles to revive the ...

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    Official: Bluebird to launch electric sports and race cars

    Another day, another EV sports car concept from out of the ether? Well, yes and no – Bluebird should be a familiar name to anyone with even a passing interest in land speed record history. A series of record-breaking LSR cars and boats ran the under the Bluebird moniker in the 1920s and ...

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    This insane race car is designed to compete in F1's all-electric series

    There seems to be a certain element of sexiness missing from electric car racing. The quiet whir of a field of motors simply lacks the carnal pull of the bark and fury of a chorus of internal combustion mills thrashing their way to the podium. And then there's design. Slaves to efficiency, ...

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    Rolls-Royce to take landspeed record shot

    In keeping with its brand strategy, Rolls-Royce would never give the go-ahead to participate in a conventional motorsport activity. It does, however, have a history of landspeed record bids, and it looks like the automaker is about to write the newest chapter. AutoExpress is reporting that Rolls ...


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