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    Video: Chevrolet training video extols the virtues of the 1981 Blazer

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. That age-old adage is once again proven by the video you'll see below. In a classic battle of Chevy versus Ford, the 1981 Blazer SUV is pitted against the Ford Bronco in a dealer training video designed to give sales staff all the information ...

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    Official: Production 2013 Chevrolet TrailBlazer debuts, "no plans" for U.S. version

    We saw the 2013 Chevrolet TrailBlazer last fall as a near-production concept, but today we get the real thing – in pixelated, jpeg form, that is. Indeed, this is about as close as U.S. buyers will probably get to the new Trailblazer. While we weren't expecting General Motors to change its ...

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    Official: Chevrolet confirms new Colorado-based TrailBlazer [UPDATE]

    We're in the heart of General Motors' downtown Detroit headquarters for a press conference tied to the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet, and Chris Perry, the brand's Vice President of Global Marketing and Strategy, has just confirmed a new TrailBlazer SUV. To be based on the company's new global ...

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    Video: Short film depicts the definition of 'triumph'

    If you have no interest in motorcycles, mechanics or old machinery, it's probably best you skip this post. You see, the short film after the jump is perhaps the best depiction of the highs and lows associated with those three horsemen that we've ever seen on screen. The video features plenty of ...

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    Smithsonian asks public to vote on cars for American History display

    The recently renovated National Museum of American History – Click above to cast your vote
    The Smithsonian Institution's collection of treasures extends far beyond what's actually on display in its D.C. museums. Ranging from ancient artifacts to modern marvels, this bit is likely to ...

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    Why buy an X3 when you can have this?

    Sure, the BMW X3 has all-wheel-drive, stability control, and a large selection of standard and optional goodies, but if you're looking for a budget Bimmer to handle lousy conditions both on and off the pavement, there's a car for sale in Mansfield, Texas that you can score for less than the price ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Thunder Monster

    Better than Alex Rodriguez in April, this eBay seller hits home runs with the car truck thing he's got for sale, the Thunder Monster moniker, and the text of the actual listing, which you'll just have to read. This is a T-Bird that was left too long on The Island of Dr. Moreau. The beast is a ...

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    Inappropriate use of Line-X #87

    click above image to view entire galleryYikes, this is definitely one way to add a little more toughness to an S-10 Blazer. Our fellow blogomaniacs over at CarDomain found this unique dash treatment and reported on it yesterday. We bet that it would still pass under the radar of materials standards ...


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