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bizzarrini p538

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    eBay Find of the Day: Lamborghini-Bizzarrini Targa one-off

    click the picture for a gallery of the Bizzarrini-Lamborghini
    It's not much of a shock to find an automotive mash-up on eBay Motors. However, it's rare that one of those Frankencars is a combination of one vintage Italian exotic with an even rarer and more exotic body on top, all assembled by the ...

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    New Bizzarrini P538 supercar well on its way to completion

    Click above for a high resolution image Back in May we brought you the news that Bizzarrini would be reviving the P538 name with a brand new supercar, and while we only had renderings at the time, we can now show you a few photos of the ongoing construction of the car. Based on the full monocoque ...


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