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    LA Preview: Saab 9-4X shows up early

    The LA Auto Show is still a couple months away, but images of vehicles set to be unveiled in the land of fruits and nuts are already leaking onto the web. GM's Chilean website had the above photo of the production Saab 9-4X available for all to see earlier today, so now we know the production model ...

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    Saab launches Pure BioPower Eco Clothing Collection

    Saab has embraced E85 as an alternative fuel in Europe as a way to offer good performance and relatively good emissions using small turbocharged engines. Because ethanol has a higher octane rating than gasoline, boost pressure can be raised, allowing for a higher specific power output. It also ...

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    Saab looks to downsize...engines, that is

    With stricter European emissions controls looming, expect to see Saab jump on the "less is more" (or, at the very least, "less is equal") bandwagon, joining companies like Renault and Volkswagen, which have begun implementing smaller engines that provide power comparable to larger units. In an ...

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    Geneva Preview: Saab 9-5 BioPower Rinspeed

    Click photo for 37 more hi-res imagesWell, this one's a surprise. We thought that the radical eXasis concept would be all Rinspeed had on hand at the Geneva Motor Show, but instead, the Swiss tuner has teamed with Saab to create a matching 9-5 BioPower station wagon, as well. Lowered and painted a ...

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    Environment rules at British International Motor Show

    The British International Motor Show opened up in London yesterday, and mean, green and clean were the central themes of the day -- electric vehicles, hybrids, diesels and cars that boost fuel economy and lower emissions stole the show. One particularly environmentally-friendly announcement came ...

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    Saab introduces new 2.3t BioPower engine

    With the 2.0t BioPower engine enjoing great success in the marketplace -- it's the top-selling 9-5 engine option in Saab's home market -- the automaker has chosen the British International Motor Show to premiere a new member of the BioPower family: a 2.3L turbocharged powerplant. We reported on ...

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    Saab beefs up BioPower engine for 2007

    The Swedes are on the forefront of alternative energy research and Saab has done its part by announcing a new advanced BioPower engine that delivers 14-percent more horsepower and 11-percent more torque when running on E85 rather than gasoline. That translates into 210 ethanol-induced bhp and 229 ...

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    GM defends HUMMER, Saab brands

    In its report on first-quarter worldwide sales, General Motors made a point of highlighting the success of HUMMER and Saab as part of its 4.4 percent growth overall. The two brands have attracted criticism in recent months, notably from board member Jerry York who suggested in January ...

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    General Motors cleans up at What Car? 'Going Green' Awards

    The EuroGeneral has some new awards for its display case, courtesy What Car? magazine's 'Going Green Awards.' The automaker's Swedish outpost, Saab, claimed both executive categories with their diesel 9-3 and BioPower 9-5. The former claimed the 'Compact Executive Car' category in 1.9 TiD trim, ...


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