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    Ford backs off on 250,000 hybrid promise

    Bill Ford announced that his company is backing off on a promise he made last September to produce 250,000 hybrid vehicles by 2010 in an email sent to company employees Wednesday. While many see the move as Ford reneging on his promise, the automaker is saying that it "intends to pursue a broader ...

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    BP announces $500 million biofuels research center

    BP plans to make a major investment in alternative energy sources, funding "radical research" at a new bioscience energy research lab. Outlining a ten-year program costing $500 million, BP chief executive Lord Browne said Wednesday that the company plans to site the lab at a major academic center ...

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    PSA: Don't use E85 if your vehicle wasn't designed for it

    The likelihood of accidentally using E85 in a vehicle designed only to run on straight gasoline is pretty damn small, considering the difficulty of even intentionally encountering an E85 pump. Regardless, a group of automakers and petroleum industry officials are reminding consumers that ...

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    Biodiesel advocate Willie Nelson honored by EPA

    Earlier this week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency honored singer Willie Nelson for his work in promoting biodiesel. Nelson, who first heard of the blended vegetable and petroleum diesel from his wife two years ago, has since traveled across the U.S. to become arguably the alternative ...

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    Transcontinental with a little help from Daryl Hannah, cow patties and corn whiskey

    Cable network Outdoor Life Network (OLN) is set to debut a 13-part television series featuring actress Daryl Hannah, a modified Chevrolet S-10, hemp oil, and an AstroTurf-covered 1982 Volkswagen Jetta that runs on bio diesel. Coolfuel: Roadtrip charts the journey of Australian Shaun Murphy (and ...

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    Second "BioWillie" service station opened

    Earth Biofuels, Inc., the distributor of singer Willie Nelson's "BioWillie" biodiesel fuel, has opened another biodiesel service station. The first, near Jackson, Mississippi, opened last year. The new station is located in Grenada, Mississippi. The opening was attended by such luminaries ...


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