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The V40 is a vital product not only for Volvo itself, but also for the tuners that specialize in customizing the Swedish automobiles. And among the foremost of them is Heico Sportiv.


The V40 is a vital product not only for Volvo itself, but also for the tuners that specialize in customizing the Swedish automobiles. See especially, Heico Sportiv.


We never really knew that plants sweat. Nor were we aware that when some of them sweat, it's good ole biodiesel pouring out. If that's the case, then let's turn up the heat and get rewarded with all the fuel we will ever need. A little-known American company called Joule Unlimited claims that perspiration from a new type of gene-altered single cell organism actually contains usable biodiesel fuel. To prove its case, Joule will open a test pilot plant in Texas, a region capable of making anything


Life can be rough. I had just received a press notice telling me about this "green" race car, the Radical SR10 LMP1 prototype, that the British Eco Racing team has entered in the American Le Mans Series opener at Sebring. I did a little digging so I could better inform you when I found headline-reversing type news. Apparently, there was an incorrect provision of homologation (yeah, I had to look it up too) papers from chassis manufacturer, Radical, according to a report in the well-informed Plan


While we're a bit weary of the green-theme that seems to be pervading the Frankfurt Motor Show, this latest preview seems to meld both environmental aspects and performance offerings into one cohesive package. Germany's FourMotor will be showing off its BioConcept Mustang GT RTD to the masses next week, although the moniker "concept" doesn't quite do it justice, as the GT RTD has already competed in the 24-hour endurance race at the Nurburgring.


Situated about 200 miles north of London, Salford prides itself on having an eco-friendly image, with 60 percent green space, 30 miles of rivers and canals and 112 ponds and lakes. That's why the city ordered six biodiesel-fueled 4x2 Ranger pickup trucks fitted with tipper beds for their street-cleaning department.


A team consisting of a two MBA students, a Ph.D. student in molecular and cell biology and a professor in the department of plant and microbial biology won the $25,000 top prize at a University of California-Berkeley contest sponsored by Intel Capital. Aurora BioFuels won both the first prize and the People's Choice Award. The team created a way to produce bio-diesel fuel with significantly higher yields and with 50 percent lower costs compared to current production methods. The contest is judge

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