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    Audi gets clever with new roadside billboards

    Audi has started a new roadside billboard advertising campaign in the U.S. to promote the fact that people are buying the R8 GT supercar. The billboards, like this one erected in Lake Forest, Illinois, alert the good townsfolk that an R8 GT has been purchased within their city limits. In red is ...

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    Hot Wheels gets playful with full-scale advertisements

    Diecast cars are a fun distraction regardless of your age, in fact, we've got a few on our desk at this very moment. Hot Wheels may be the king of scale-car fun, but its marketing department likes to think big. Recently, we saw how it turned a historic Australian building into a 3D racetrack. ...

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    Video: AB reader erects unique billboard outside of Detroit, needs help adopting baby

    Autoblog reader Josh and wife Wendy need your help – Click above to watch video after the jump
    A lot of emails arrive in our inbox every day, as you might imagine. We're not able to respond to all of them, sadly, and besides, we don't know why the bed of your 1993 GMC Sierra squeaks and we ...

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    Video: Chevy goes free-hand for its latest billboard spot

    Chevrolet creates a cost-effective billboard advertisement – Click above to watch video after the jump
    An affordable car should get an ad campaign to match. Following that logic, Chevrolet's Middle Eastern advertising team put together a spot to highlight the low price of the all-new ...

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    Video: Mini goes retail with interactive vending machine billboard

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Whether they're challenging Porsche to a duel, littering the streets with packaging or jiggling some chubby dude's man boobs, Mini has a certain flair for creativity when it comes to its advertising. The latest chapter unfolds in Canada, where an ...

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    Video: Audi spraypaints massive new A7 billboard

    Audi paints giant A7 billboard – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    This is an ad for the all-new 2012 Audi A7 Sportback in Berlin. It looks perfectly normal, but would you believe that it's nearly 10,800 square feet in size? How about the fact that it was painted with 200 cans ...

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    BMW dealer's billboard scaring motorists into 911 calls [w/video]

    There's a David Lee Roth era Van Halen song in here somehere – Click above to watch the video
    Bridgeport BMW in Bridgeport, Connecticut decided to go with an outside-the-box kind of billboard to advertise it take home test drive program. Perched on top of the big billboard is a man and a ...

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    BMW builds big @$$ ad in Moscow

    In terms of sheer size, Russia is the largest country in the world. That must have something to do with this gargantuan advertisement found in Russia... According to the caption, the surface area measures more than 1.5 acres (billboard haters should stop complaining right about now, as it ...

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    Watch a Hyundai spot, get a free song

    It's helpful if you like The Ataris. Hyundai is hoping to lure internet users with a banner ad that no doubt touts the free song. When clicked, the banner initiates a download, plays the song, and also pops up a 20-second commercial featuring the Elantra. You could also opt for the cellphone ...

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    Mustang billboards blur background and their own point

    click on above image for link to more pics of blurry Mustang billboards by Ian HartThese Mustang billboards have popped up on the internet today thanks to a few advertising-related blogs that just don't get their point. The billboards are constructed from a semi-transparent resin that magically ...

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    Motorboards: Craziest MINI promotion yet.

    BMW's MINI brand has never had a big advertising budget, but everyone would agree it's ad agency knows how to stretch a dollar. The latest promotion from MINI is a program called Motorby that takes interactivity at 60 mph to new heights. According to, a large MINI enthusiast/news ...

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    SMART-ass billboards find their way to the bottom of a big ditch

    Remember those asinine SMART billboards that read, "German engineering. Swiss styling. American Nothing." in South Africa? Finally DaimlerChrysler saw them for the PR nightmare that they were and banished them to the bottom of a deep garbage pit. Says Chrysler communications chief Jason ...


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