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    Report: VW takes issue with claim that GM is world's largest automaker

    We hope General Motors hasn't started planning that ticker-tape parade down Jefferson Avenue yet, as Volkswagen has apparently taken issue with the notion that GM might again be the world's largest automaker. According to The Wall Street Journal, VW has said it will be adding some 200,000 units ...

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    Official: GM retakes global sales crown with over 9M units shifted in 2011

    Look who's back on top again? Just 30 months since General Motors emerged from bankruptcy, the Detroit-based automaker can once again call itself the world's largest. GM sold just over 9 million vehicles globally in 2011, its highest sales total ever, while chief rival Toyota may slip as far as ...

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    Report: Volkswagen beats Toyota, takes 2011 sales crown

    Volkswagen has repeatedly told the world that it will soon be the largest automaker in terms of global sales volume. As it stands, it may already be number two. Car Advice reports that VW sold 8.16 million units in 2011, marking the first time it has eclipsed eight million global sales.. Toyota ...


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