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    Detroit 3 seeking $6.8 billion from Canadian government

    What to do when you wanted $34 billion and Congress only gave you $15 billion? Try again, but this time go North young man. The Detroit 3 are now making a pitch to the Canadian legislature seeking an additional $6.8 billion from Canada where nearly 100,000 workers are employed in factories and ...

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    Jay Leno for, Jeremy Clarkson against Detroit 3 bailout

    It's the battle of the big chins! (Who are we kidding, Leno would win that fight against anyone.) Two gentlemen who stand as giants in automotive culture have finally weighed in with their opinions on whether or not the Detroit 3 should be rescued by the U.S. government. Jay Leno is all for it, ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #105

    If we keep this up, we're going to best our record of six in a row, or whatever it was. The Autoblog Podcast crew returns for Autoblog Podcast #105 with Chris, Sam, and Dan discussing a paltry sweep of subjects as the quiet gathers before the storm of Congressional hearings is unleashed this week. ...

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    OPINION: Stop arm-chair quarterbacking the auto industry

    We'll be hearing more about the Detroit 3 in the mainstream media this week as their homework entitled "What I Would Do With My Share of $25 Billion in Government Loans" gets turned in to Congress. While Detroit deserves much of the ribbing that's on the way, it irks our ears every time we read an ...

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    Why I Still Support Those Boneheads at the Big Three - Autoline with John McElroy

    What a week it was. Or maybe I should say, I can't believe how weak it was. The CEOs of the Big Three and the president of the UAW showed up in Washington last Tuesday to plead their case for a bailout. But by Thursday they had managed to turn most the country against them. Even their most ardent ...

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    Michael Moore mixed on Big 3 bailout

    While there is definitely a huge rift between those who favor a Detroit bailout and those who would rather see the Big 3 fade away, you'd think that someone like Flint-native and documentary maker Michael Moore would be all in favor of helping the Big Three succeed. After all, Moore rose to fame ...

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    Germans none to happy about U.S. aid to automakers

    Matthias Wissmann, current head of the Verband Deutscher Automobilhersteller (VDA, or Association of the German Automotive Industry for us non-German speaking folks), is none too pleased with the passing of a $25 billion financing package for the Detroit automakers. Under the terms of the ...


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