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big wheel

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    Video: Local Motors' latest project is this adult drift trike

    There's always something new and intriguing left sitting on the deck whenever Local Motors news washes over the Autoblog transom. Lest you think the company only deals in wild off-road tackle like the Rally Fighter, 'tis not the case: it sells the SoulArc skateboard and the Laser Bike Lane Light, ...

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    Parker Brothers Choppers builds World's Largest Bigwheel

    At the age of five, this writer received the gift of gifts: a police-issue Bigwheel with a megaphone and a working siren. After a week or two of patrolling the sidewalk for a week like I owned the block, my best friend busted out of the garage with the one thing that could trump my three-wheeled ...

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    VIDEO: Teaching the kids opposite lock - Big Wheel drifting

    Drifting Big Wheel style: Click above to watch video after the jump
    Drifting isn't nearly as easy as it looks. It takes keen hand-eye coordination and an almost spiritual connection with one's vehicle. One payoff for drifting is that it looks really cool, especially when it's seen in a slow motion ...


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