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36VW delivers first XL1 in Germany

Official price remains a mystery

Volkswagen has delivered the first XL1 diesel plug-in hybrid to a customer from Berlin, Germany. Dr. Christian Malorny received his Oryx White XL1 with black and grey interior from Volkswagen Germany's director of sales and marketing for passenger cars, Thomas Zahn, at the company's Transparent Factory in Dresden.

17VW chair says component cost decrease keeps him confident of EV success

Volkswagen AG is in the middle of implementing a comprehensive electric vehicle strategy, one that we've been documenting for a long time. The Group stands ready to offer dozens of plug-in vehicles in the coming years if it feels there is sufficient demand and believes that selling a million EVs in Germany by 2020 is reasonable. That would be a solid number, but remember that VW sold over 5,923,000 passenger cars around the world last year, and the group as a whole sold over 9.7 million.

1Daimler opens the door on Car2go Black with B-Class carsharing

Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler has finally decided to go to its proverbial mothership to further expand its Car2go carsharing service in Europe. The German automaker has long used its itty-bitty Smart Fortwo vehicles for the program, but now it's kicking off a pilot program called Car2go Black that will share Mercedes-Benz B-Class models in Berlin and Hamburg.

5Hiriko 'folding' EV will be produced for German car-sharing project next year

Hiriko's "folding" electric vehicle has been in the works for about two years but the momentum is picking up. The company has reached an agreement with the operator of the German railway network to start testing the vehicles within a car-sharing network in Berlin starting early next year.

19Greenpeace pickets VW Golf premiere in Berlin

No cute little Ewoks with this campaign.

AddWorld's largest Car2Go fleet deployed in Berlin

In extreme sports, they say "go big, or go home." Car2go's doing both.

31Police arrest man for rash of car burnings in Berlin

The BBC reports that a man has been arrested in connection with over 100 vehicle fires in Berlin. Police have indicated that an unemployed 27-year-old took to arson in response to his own debts and jealousy toward individuals with luxury cars. The suspect set fire to a total of 67 vehicles over a span of three months, with an additional 35 cars caught fire as a result. Berlin has suffered a surge in luxury vehicle fires, with over 470 cars torched in the city just this year. Audi, BMW and Merced

74Burning cars filling up Berlin streets

Berlin is facing a rash of vehicle arson this year with more than 320 vehicles set ablaze in 2011 so far. Authorities claim that at least 140 of those incidents have been politically motivated, with the arsonists leaving notes at the scene. Those crimes have targeted luxury makes like BMW and Mercedes-Benz as part of growing unrest among Germany's lower classes. The notes typically contain some sort of anti-gentrification message. As for the rest of the torchings, law enforcement says those crim

68Report: Paris takes first step to ban SUVs

Does a Sport Utility Vehicle belong in the city? Environmental officials in Paris certainly don't think so and they've taken the first steps toward an outright ban of the SUV. While not strictly aimed at SUV owners, the Parisian officials are looking to implement restrictions on gas-guzzling vehicles.

14Video: Volvo crowns Paris 'naughtiest' city in Europe as part of experiments tied to bizarre S60 launch

Vovlo tests the world's naughtiness – Click above to watch video after the jump

44Report: German government rejects $1.3 billion Opel aid request

General Motors is hard at work restructuring its brands here in the U.S., but we mustn't forget about overseas divisions, like Opel, that still require some financial aid to get things up and running at full capacity again. As we reported last month, GM came to an agreement with Opel's German workers – labor heads have agreed to do without €1.26 billion in earnings over the next four years (approximately $1.59 billion), saying that the money is best saved for the development of Opel p

AddFirst Smart Eds delivered to customers in Berlin

Smart Ed - Click above for high-res image gallery

3Spotted in Berlin: It's a Trabi-Safari, tour the old east side in a Trabant

A Trabi-Safari in Berlin - click above for high-res image gallery

AddSchwinn! Biking to brothel can save you bucks in Berlin

Here at ABG we try to stay on top of all the news that concerns greener ways of conducting the comings and goings of our readers and it is in that spirit that we bring you news of an offer that encourages more bicycle use. The Maison d'Envie (truly NSFW), a brothel in Berlin, is offering a discount for patrons who arrive by bicycle or Berlin public transport. Now, instead of paying €70 ($97.84) for a 45 minute visit, €65 ($90.85) will do the trick. Oddly, the €5 reduction extends

AddBMW building more MINI Es for European testing

MINI E - click above for high-res image gallery

AddGM's fuel cell HydroGen4 hits the streets in Berlin

Click above image for high-res gallery of the HydroGen4

Add50 MINI E vehicles bound for Berlin

Did you think that MINI would leave Germany without a MINI E test? No way. Perhaps because SMART is doing something similar, Berlin is going to get 50 MINI E vehicles for testing. MINI has partnered with Swedish energy company Vattenfall so that the electricity powering these cars will be "certified green," that is, produced from renewable sources of energy. The test is set to start in April after the infrastructure is set up. The project is funded by the Technical University of Chemnitz, TU Ber

AddGreen Zones offers window badges for cars entering environmental zones in Germany

Three German cities - Berlin, Hannover and Cologne - instituted a ban on cars that don't have catalizers or DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters). A windshield sticker proving a vehicle's environmental status is now needed to drive into the cities, known as environmental zones. But, like Mos Def wondering why he needs ID to get ID, how can you get a sticker if you're outside and want to come in? The website Green Zones will provide, for either 30 or 40 Euros. The website is available in 13 languages

AddNew year, new bans: Berlin, Hannover and Cologne banning non-catalysed cars

Starting on the first day of this new year, three German cities (Berlin, Hannover and Cologne, pictured) have applied a complete ban on all vehicles that have no catalysers or DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) in the city centers. To enter, cars must have a windshied sticker stating the installation of such devices.

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