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bentley brooklands

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    Report: Bentley putting Mulsanne-based Azure, Brooklands back on the table [w/poll]

    Big plans are afoot at Bentley. The quintessentially British automaker has just about signed off on the final version of its new SUV, and will surely roll out more versions of the Continental in the coming years, but that's not all. It's said to be considering a new sports coupe smaller than the ...

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    Say It Ain't So: Bentley issues recall over retractable hood ornament rust

    Bentley Flying B – Click above for high-res image gallery
    One of the brutal truths of the mechanical world is that rust fears no machine. Even the priciest of metal is susceptible to the ill effects of iron-oxide, and it looks like Bentley has found that out firsthand. The National Highway ...

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    Be like James May and save the UK's fabled Brooklands circuit

    2008 Bentley Brooklands and Old Number Two at Brooklands Race Circuit
    Chances are, even if you don't have the history of the Brooklands race circuit stenciled on the back of your eyelids, you know the name. The track was built in 1907 as the world's very first purpose-built race venue, and as a ...

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    REPORT: Bentley Mulsanne to spawn coupe and convertible to replace Brooklands and Azure

    Bentley works on a two-tier system, with its entire product line-up based on a pair of platforms. At one end you've got the Continental family, including the GT coupe, GTC convertible and Flying Spur sedan. At the other sits the Arnage sedan, Azure convertible and Brooklands coupe (pictured ...

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    Bentley V8 turns 50 years old

    Click on the image above for a small high-res gallery of Bentley's V8 engine
    When the conversation turns to classic V8 engines from a bygone era, the discussion often starts and ends with the small block Chevy that was introduced way back in 1955 and continues to terrorize the overhead-cam masses ...

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    No diesels for Bentley

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Bentley BrooklandsBentleys and buckets of torque go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it might make some sense for the German-owned British luxury marque to consider one of the VW Group's big, powerful turbodiesels for one of its upcoming models. Not so fast, ...

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    Very First Drive: 2009 Bentley Brooklands

    2009 Bentley Brooklands – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As the youngest of three brothers, I'm used to hand-me-downs. Hand-me down toys, hand-me-down clothes, and yes, even hand-me-down cars. Perhaps this explains when a vehicle arrives in the Autoblog Garage with over 8,000 ...

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    Winos splurge on Bentley and Maserati coupes at charity auction

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving, your conundrum has arrived: cars and wine have met in support of the disadvantaged children of south Florida. Every year for the past eight, the auction at the Naples Winter Wine Festival has drawn the most discerning connoisseurs in the Sunshine State to bid on rare ...

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    Geneva Motor Show: Bentley has us at hello with Brooklands coupe

    click above image to view 23 high-res images of the new Bentley Brooklands coupe var digg_url = ''; Bentley describes its new Brooklands coupe that's being unveiled right now in Geneva as a "grand touring coupe with classic ...


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