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    Report: General Motors expanding same-sex partner employee benefits

    Thirteen years after it broke ground by becoming one of the first large corporations in the US offering benefits to same-sex couples, General Motors made more trailblazing news this week when it said it will begin treating same-sex couples as married, even if they live in a state that doesn't ...

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    Report: Merit pay returns to General Motors

    When General Motors was on the verge of bankruptcy, cuts were made to salaried workers' pay and benefits. The move was important to help preserve as much cash as possible while also showing the federal government and the United Auto Workers that everybody in the company was making a sacrifice. Some ...

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    Ford, GM, Chrysler drop ineligible workers from healthcare roster

    The Big 3 have been trying to shave their health care costs by cutting eligibility and the percentage of benefits for both retirees and current employees, but as it turns out, the three companies have found tens of thousands of people still receiving benefits despite their ineligibility. As a ...

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    Toyota pressuring suppliers in homeland to cut costs, benefits?

    While Toyota is known to provide health, unemployment insurance, and other benefits to workers around the world, is it backpedaling on benefits for its own workers back home?That's what Akahata seems to indicate in Political Affairs. According to the writer, Hiroshi Okuda (pictured), chairman of ...

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    Is Delphi's bankruptcy a strategy for growth?

    Could Delphi's bankruptcy be a strategic long-term move by the parts maker? According to Business Week, Delphi has only declared bankruptcy for its U.S. operations-- overseas facilities in Mexico, China and other countries are not affected. If the unions and Delphi don't reach a compromise ...

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    More workers going under the knife before benefits cut

    According to the International Herald Tribune, Michigan physicians, hospitals and medical insurers have noted an increase in the number of elective surgery requests since last year. Replacements for knees, hips and shoulders were up by 20 percent at the Henry Ford Health System alone.A little super ...

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    Is BMW hypocritical for marketing to gay clientele without extending worker benefits to the same?

    Can BMW eat its cake and have it too? That's the question Joe LaMuraglia is asking about the German automaker. The editor of questions how it is that the Bimmer-builders fail to offer same-sex benefits to employees, yet buys ads in gay-oriented publications such as OUT ...


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