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    ETC: The Bugatti of belt buckles costs $84,000

    For automotive enthusiasts, the name Bugatti is synonymous with high speeds. For racing fans, the name still reflects dominance in the pre-war era of grand prix racing. But in other circles, the Bugatti name is a status symbol, one that stands for the exclusivity that comes with such a high price ...

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    Hyundai recalls 65,000+ 2006-2009 Azera sedans over seatbelt issue

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a recall campaign directed at certain model year 2006 through 2009 Hyundai Azera sedans. All affected Azera models were manufactured between September 27, 2005, and October 1, 2008 - in total, 65,226 vehicles are subject to the recall ...

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    VIDEO: Mechanically-inclined ninja blows our collective mind

    You won't believe your eyes – Click above image to watch video after the jump
    Years and years ago, we saw punk rock legend Mike Watt break an E-string on his bass during a fIREHOSE show. Without missing a beat, he yanked a new string from beside his amp, slid it through the bridge, tied it ...


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