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beijing 2008

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    MINI Clubman Rickshaws running around Beijing

    Click above for more shots of the MINI Clubman RickshawsThe rickshaw is a time-honored method of transportation in China. While the vehicles were initially pulled around by men on foot, the pedal-powered versions have grown much more popular in recent years and are a symbol of Chinese culture. When ...

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    Maximum Bob talks about Invicta and how not to rebadge cars

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Buick Invicta ConceptGM Vice Chairman Bob "Maximum" Lutz published a new post today on the corporate GM Fastlane Blog that addresses the automaker's newest concept that debuted recently at Auto China 2008 in Beijing: the Invicta. The concept heavily hints at ...

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    Autoblog Chinese wraps up 2008 Beijing Motor Show

    We're proud as peacocks of our blogging brothers at Autoblog Chinese who, in blogging parlance, tore the 2008 Beijing Motor Show a new one. We showed you just a sampling of the dozens of cars they covered at the show, as the team from China truly left no rotating turntable unturned. If you want ...

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    Beijing 2008: Hyundai debuts facelifted Elantra

    Click above to view high-res gallery of the 2008 Hyundai Elantra in ChinaAs we learned last week, Hyundai used the occasion of Auto China in Beijing to debut its slightly refreshened Elantra. Its face now features a wider grille flanked by larger headlights, and a new lower air intake has also been ...

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    Beijing 2008: 1st Bugatti Veyron in China sells for $3.6m

    Click to view the Bugatti Veyron's unveiling in Beijing If you were looking for the new epitome of capitalism's slow-but-steady takeover of communism in China, we've got it for you right here. Bugatti brought its million-euro hyper-car this year to the Auto China show in Beijing, drawing hoards of ...

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    Beijing 2008: From Jeep clones to this? Beijing 700R concept

    It turns out that the Geely GT didn't corner the market on coupe concepts at Auto China 2008. Beijing Automotive -- whose Wrangler-style B40 you saw earlier -- is also on the case with its 700R coupe concept, a clean and attractive design with some interesting details. An accent line angles upward, ...

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    Beijing 2008: Land Wrangler? It's the Beijing B40!

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Beijing B40The basic Jeep shape has essentially carried forward from World War II to the present day. It has also been replicated many times over by automakers scattered around the world, and variations on the theme continue to appear. The Chinese auto ...

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    Beijing 2008: Brilliance BS4 wagon is good looking... no BS!

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Brilliance BS4 WagonThe Brilliance BS4 sedan is a pretty good-looking car, so it stands to reason that its wagon variant would be easy on the eyes as well. Unveiled in Beijing, the BS4 wagon is indeed a snazzy-looking, ostensibly practical machine. Power ...

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    Beijing 2008: Volkswagen Lavida meets its home audience

    Click above for high-res gallery of the VW Lavida for ChinaShanghai Volkswagen developed the new VW Lavida in China, for China. Now it's made its big debut before the home-market audience in Beijing. Stylistically, the made-in-China design looks oddly dated, quite frankly. The petal-shaped head- ...

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    Beijing 2008: Nissan unveils new Teana and Teana XV

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Nissan Teana and Teana XVBack in October of last year, Nissan unveiled the Intima concept at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The large front-wheel-drive sedan previewed the styling for the new Teana (above, dark) and more luxurious Teana XV (above, light) that ...

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    Geely TX4 LTC show car turns London taxi into hot rod. Sort of.

    Click image for a gallery of the Geely TX4 LTCGeely builds the LTI TX4 under license, and naturally, it's showing off the popular London taxi at its display in Beijing. The standard TX4's kind of vanilla though, so to grab showgoers' attention, the automaker has also plopped an electric blue "hot ...

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    Beijing 2008: Geely CE concept makes its debut

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Geely CEOk, the Geely car parade at Beijing is officially in full swing. One of the good-looking renderings we posted during the runup to the show was of the CE concept, a small hatchback that looked like it could just as easily be an Acura that's slumming in ...

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    Beijing 208: Geely Tiger GT concept steals the show

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Geely Tiger GT conceptOf all the cars being debuted at this year's Auto China show in Beijing, most of them are from one company: Chinese domestic automaker Geely. The brand has over 20 some debuts, but most are ho-hum little econoboxes that Chinese consumers ...

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    Beijing 2008: HongQi SUV concept doesn't look like a photochopped MKT

    Click image for a high-res gallery of the HonQi SUVFAW's premium HonQi (Red Flag) division has unveiled its V12 luxury SUV concept in Beijing. While photoshopped images based on the Lincoln MKT concept surfaced on a Chinese website ahead of the show, the actual vehicle on display looks nothing like ...

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    Beijing 2008: Guangzhou Honda's Linian concept shows where new brand is headed

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Linian conceptLast Summer, we told you how Guangzhou Honda planned to develop a separate, China-only brand. Today in Beijing, the first step in that direction is on display in the form of the Linian concept. Specifics are hard to come by, but according to ...

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    Beijing 2008: Citroen C2 Kappa jogs onstage

    Click image for a high-res gallery of the C2 KappaNow that the 2008 Beijing Motor Show is underway, we're getting a chance to see how a lot of those sketches and renderings we saw ahead of the festivities translate into actual cars. One of the concepts we were curious about was the collaborative ...

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    Beijing 2008: Porsche unveils the Cayenne Turbo S

    Click image for a hi-res gallery of the new Cayenne Turbo SPorsche says that Asian and Eastern European market demand for ridiculously high performance SUVs has resulted in a new addition to the Cayenne range. After a brief respite following the introduction of the current-gen Cayenne, the Turbo S ...

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    Beijing 2008: Live reveal of the Buick Invicta concept

    On the eve of the Beijing Motor Show ,General Motors Chairman Rick Wagoner and Design VP Ed Welburn along with their Chinese colleagues unveiled the Buick Invicta concept. Your regular Autoblog team didn't make the trek to China for this show, but our cohorts at Autoblog Chinese showed up for GM's ...

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    VIDEO: Buick Invicta designers talk about their new concept

    General Motors has just put a video featuring the designers of the new Buick Invicta concept discussing their new creation. The video is part of a series of "Studio Stories" episodes that GM has been producing over the past year. Exterior design lead Justin Thompson and other members of the team ...

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    Beijing 2008: Officially Official - It's the 2009 Audi Q5

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Audi Q5For months now we've seen spy photos and heard speculation about Audi's new Q5 CUV. Now, we finally have the official news on the latest entry from Ingolstadt. Unlike its big brother the Q7, the Q5 doesn't share an architecture with a VW model. The ...


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