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    Report: Man dies after car crashes into bee-infested house

    Leaving buildings vacant can present all kinds of dangers, as officials in Michigan in particular have found in recent years. But this tragic incident has to be a new one. A 54-year-old man was driving his Hyundai down Spruce Road in the town of St. Charles, MI on Wednesday afternoon, but when ...

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    Video: Nissan Micra overtaken by bees in England

    A 20,000-insect-strong colony of bees attempted to turn a Nissan Micra into their new hive on Friday. The invasion happened in the English town of Southsea, a suburb of Portsmouth, and is just one of a few unexpected bee swarms in the country in recent days. The car belonged to a student, who ...

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    Study: Engine exhaust may be contributing to bee colony collapses

    Among all the various factors playing into the collapse of bee colonies around the world, one of them could be your car. A UK study into how diesel exhaust fumes may affect bees' ability to pollinate flowers found that nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen oxide (NO2) - NOx gases - change the chemical ...

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    Caption Contest: NC sting operation goes horribly wrong [w/video]

    Wake County sheriff deputy gets mobbed by bees – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Alright, fine; it wasn't a sting operation per se, but we do love our pithy headlines. A sheriff's deputy in Wake County, North Carolina recently found himself in an odd situation when a truck ...

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    12 million bees shut down California highway

    It was a stinging revelation on State Route 99 in Sacramento, California, yesterday: mixing 12 million honeybees, a top-heavy tractor trailer and a tight freeway on-ramp makes a painfully sticky mess that will quickly bring traffic to a halt. With an estimated 440 bee hives smashed on the side ...

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    Insert Caption Here: Pontiac Sunfire with bees

    Alright, so we're going to try something a little different for us. We'll periodically pull a car-related photo from the news, and ask you to come up with captions to fit the image in 'Comments.' Prizes? Ahh, we wouldn't dare corrupt the artistic process with something so materialistic-- our ...


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