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    Auctions: Ringo Starr's Facel Vega could raise half million at auction

    John, Paul, George and Ringo, the four men that made up The Beatles, lived in an interesting time when it came to the cars on offer. Power was cheap and fuel was cheaper, while the designs were some of the finest in automotive history. With fame and money, they could have nearly any car the 1960s ...

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    George Harrison's Aston Martin DB5 sells for over half a million

    Spell it with two Es and the name Beetle is intrinsically linked to Volkswagen. Drop that second E for an A, though, and you're looking at another 60s icon altogether. While the VW might not hold much sway for music buffs, the Beatles and its individual members hold plenty of interest for car ...

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    MINI says "Nevermind the VW Beetle, Here's the Beatles!" with new Harrison art car

    George Harrison's Mini Coopers - Click above for a high-res gallery
    Yesterday, we told you about a one-off Ferrari 430 being auctioned off for Abruzzo earthquake relief, and today we have another special European car that is set to hit the block for a good cause. BMW has just unveiled a special ...


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