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    General Motors shows off electric Chevrolet Beat in India

    Earlier today, General Motors showcased a battery-powered version of the Chevrolet Beat in New Delhi, India. The electrified Beat is part of an ongoing demonstration project focused on studying the feasibility of electric vehicles in major metropolitan areas. Let's have a look at the electric ...

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    Rumormill: O Kei, Go! Honda Beat revival rumored anew

    Rumors have swirled for some time that Honda has been looking to revive its diminutive Beat. The Japanese Domestic Market kei car was produced from 1991 through 1996, and featured a tiny 650cc (that's 40 cubic inches to us 'Muricans) three-cylinder engine that produced 63 horsepower (Japan's ...

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    Rumormill: Honda to update S2000 and Beat in one fell swoop

    There was a time in the not too distant past when Honda had a slew of fun-to-drive tuner specials ranging from tiny JDM Beat kei-car to the razor-sharp S2000. Both of those vehicles are dead and gone now, but a report from Motor Trend posits that Honda could be working on a way to replace both ...

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    GM confirms Chevrolet Spark for North America after all

    2010 Chevrolet Beat for India - Click above to enlarge
    The question of whether or not General Motors will bring its diminutive Chevrolet Spark to the United States still doesn't have a definitive answer. Thanks to a GM of India press release, however, we now know that the little urban runabout ...

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    The Beat Goes On? Honda reportedly looking at successor to kei-roadster

    Kei cars have a huge following in Japan and no model has benefited from the sub-sub-compact's cult status more than the Honda Beat. Originally introduced in 1991, the 64-hp Beat was a boon for enthusiasts on a budget, with a 660cc three-cylinder mounted amidships and delivering power to the rear ...

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    Geneva Preview: 2010 Chevy Spark finally, fully revealed

    Click above for a hi-res gallery of the 2010 Chevy Spark
    The Chevy Spark was leaked on the eve of the Detroit Auto Show, but it was MIA during the next day's GM press conference "car parade." In its stead, we saw the Beat concept once again as GM announced that the Spark would indeed go into ...

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    VIDEO: Welburn teases NAIAS-bound production Chevy Beat on Today Show

    This morning's Today Show on NBC featured General Motors' design chief Ed Welburn talking with host Matt Lauer live from General Motors' Warren Tech Center. Welburn previewing the Detroit Auto Show's coming attractions, including the new Buick LaCrosse and the Chevrolet Camaro. Most newsworthy, ...

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    Spy Shots: AB reader spots Chevrolet Beat

    Click above for image gallery of the Chevy Beat prototype
    AB reader Kyle Swift just sent us a few cellphone pics he took of a Chevrolet Beat prototype lounging around at New York's Rochester Institute of Technology. The camouflaged runabout was spotted in a parking lot on the university's grounds, ...

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    Spy Shots: Chevy Beat finally hits the road

    Testing of the Chevy Beat is officially underway, and our friends at NextAutos have procured the first set of spy shots. The camo'd mule is still sporting the short overhangs and upright silhouette of the concept, but GM decided to equip the squat city car with another set of doors to make ingress ...

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    U.S. to get Chevy Groove or Trax in 2011

    Click either image for a high-res gallery.General Motors won't be bringing the Beat to the U.S., but some version of the Groove or Trax will replace the Aveo by 2011. Speaking with Automotive News, Chevy veep Ed Peper said that the bow-tie brand would get something "very similar to one of those ...

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    Lutz: No Beat for the U.S., smaller CUVs on the way, Insignia stalled

    General Motor's car czar, Bob Lutz, sat down with the little people of the blogosphere after GM's announcement that it would be reducing white collar expenditures by 20-percent, cutting truck production and eliminating retired health care for salaried workers over 65, all in an effort to boost its ...

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    Lutz chimes in on the Chevy Beat

    In the wake of the Chevy Beat news that started pounding the wires before the 4th of July weekend, the Wall Street Journal reached out to Bob Lutz for some commentary on the topic. Lutz, in an email to the Journal, said, "We always thought we'd do it at some point, but now it obviously enjoys a ...

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    Now it's (quasi) official: Chevy Beat to U.S.

    Click image for a high res gallery of the BeatGM knows it needs an economical, mass-market, mass-appeal small car -- badly. Yes, it has the Aveo, but it's underwhelming in all respects, and sure, it's currently pimping the Cobalt XFE, but that car's about as exciting as an episode of Antiques ...

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    Chevy Trax concept joins Beat on TF2 set

    We knew the Chevy Beat was making an appearance in the overly-named Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The new news is that one of its "triplet" siblings, the Chevy Trax concept, is joining it, as you can see above. The two are chasing/following Bumblebee on Philadelphia's JFK Boulevard. Proof of ...

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    Chevy Beat in Transformers 2

    You know how there was a question of whether or not we'd ever see the Chevy Beat for sale in North America? The answer to that question is looking more like a big fat yes. Of course, a subcompact like the Beat makes perfect sense in a landscape where gas is selling for well over $4 a gallon in many ...

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    GM execs watching smart sales, considering sub-sub-compact offering

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chevrolet Beat Concept.Aside from possibly offering a hybrid version of the Camaro, Chevrolet is looking to do everything it can to meet new fuel economy regulations. Despite Bob Lutz' assertion that diesels are not the answer to increase fuel mileage, Ed ...

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    LA 2007: Lutz and Peper show off Chevy's high efficiency fleet

    Promising the best possible fuel economy for whichever type of vehicle its customers choose, GM's Bob Lutz and Ed Peper trotted a full lineup of green vehicles from their arsenal. The Aveo5, Impala E85, Malibu Hybrid, Tahoe Hybrid, Silverado Hybrid, Volt, Equinox Fuel Cell, Beat and Groove were ...

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    Have money, need growth: GM to invest $6b in Daewoo

    GM has been rapidly expanding in countries outside the US, and South Korea-based Daewoo has been a major contributor to the company's growth in developing markets. GM is redoubling their commitment to Daewoo by investing $6 billion in the once bankrupt automaker over the next few years. President ...

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    GM shutterbugs give us new shots of Camaro, Beat concepts

    Updated gallery links: Camaro Convertible, Chevy BeatGM knows that we all like to look at car porn photos, and we have to give El General some credit: he knows how to keep his stuff in front of the public. It's as simple as sending one or two buzzworthy concepts to sweet locations accompanied by ...

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    New York Auto Show: Chevy debuts the Beat, Groove and Trax mini car concepts

    It's not easy to put your finger on the pulse of the buying public, so Chevy decided to hedge its bets and build three mini car concepts, the Beat, Groove and Trax, and is leaving it up to us (as in all of us) to decide which one we like best. The public can vote for which concept is most appealing ...


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