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13Subaru boxers offer a different type of flat-four thrum

If there's one number you'd associate with the Subaru Impreza, surely it'd be Four. Four generations, four doors, four-wheel drive, four cylinders in a boxer configuration. But in this Japanese market promo clip, Subaru has brought in another kind of boxer: the beat boxer.

21Beatboxing cop car can pull you over by way of a song

Doug E. Fresh, Swifty, Buffy and Wise were the pioneers. Rahzell, Wes Carroll and Gavin Tyte moved it into the modern era, and Beardyman is moving it into the future. What the hell are we talking about? The art of beatboxing, of course.

12Video: Turkish 'sound effects' guy takes on bikes, cars, tractors

Fevzi's sound effects extravaganza – Click above to watch videos after the jump

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