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    Report: Clarkson, Hammond and May sign new 3-year BBC deal to host Top Gear

    And now...the news! Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, a.k.a. the Top Gear blokes, have signed a new three-year deal to continue hosting the globally popular BBC2 program. The new deal specifies that Hammond and May will receive a share of Top Gear commercial revenue in exchange for ...

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    Official: Ford celebrates 50 years of Cortina with BBC

    It isn't odd to celebrate the birthday of a long-dead celebrity, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised at the huge to-do being made over the 50th anniversary of the Ford Cortina – a car that went out of production 30 years ago. Its celebrity status comes from the fact that it lived fast and ...

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    Report: BBC facing penalties for hosting Top Gear videos on YouTube

    If a corporate content provider in the U.S. wants to upload videos to YouTube, all it essentially needs to do is find someone who knows how to upload videos to YouTube. Then: profit! In the UK, it's done differently – so much so that it sounds like everyone is confused. A regulatory body ...

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    Report: Jeremy Clarkson officially BBC's highest-paid star

    The Telegraph reports Jeremy Clarkson is now officially the BBC's highest-paid talent. Last year, the Top Gear presenter brought home around $5.5 million at current conversion rates, besting Graham Norton and Gary Lineker at around $3.1 million each. While critics may cry foul at Clarkson's ...

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    Video: BBC shows the grand life of an F1 driver from birth to Monaco

    To hype the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco the BBC put together a flyover – or would that be drive-through? – video of an F1 driver's life from birth to The Principality, from the driver's point of view. In just 1:56, it's clear that an F1 driver's life is so much tougher than you ...

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    Official: Top Gear Live to attempt Deadly 720 double loop

    Successfully piloting an automobile around a giant loop is no easy task, but it's just not spectacular enough for the crew of Top Gear Live. Billing it as a world-first event, the live show's stunt drivers will attempt to spin their way through a giant loop twice in succession during the Top Gear ...

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    Report: UK man erects Jeremy Clarkson scarecrow to slow traffic

    One creative family in the UK has found a new way to curb speeding. Shelia Hodgkinson and her son, Christopher, put up a scarecrow dressed as a police officer. The dummy wears a high-visibility vest, toy officer hat and wields a hair dryer for a radar gun. Amusingly, it also sports a printout of ...

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    Report: Sun retrains staff over Jeremy Clarkson suicide jabs

    Of course you all know who that man in the picture is, don't you? He's Jeremy Clarkson, one of the stars of Top Gear, the BBC's hilarious automotive variety show. Its 18th series just premiered on BBC America this past Monday, with more new episodes airing Mondays at 8:30 p.m. EDT/PDT. We ...

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    Report: BBC tells complaining vicar Jeremy Clarkson's blasphemy is "everyday language"

    The BBC has come out in defense of Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson after the Reverend Graeme Anderson, vicar of St. Mary's Church in Radcliffe-on-Trent, complained that the entertainer "trivialized, belittled and cheapened" Jesus Christ. Clarkson has a long history of rousing the ire of different ...

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    Video: BBC America reveals first trailer for Richard Hammond's Crash Course

    When it was made public last summer that Richard Hammond was unhappy with his lot in life on Britain's Top Gear, insiders said he would "get the bigger, more defined role that he deserves." We don't know yet what's in store for him during Series 18 of TG, but it appears he definitely has a bigger ...

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    Report: Tesla libel suit against Top Gear fails again

    Tesla and the company's lawyers are nothing if not determined. After a judge smacked down the electric vehicle manufacturer's libel suit against the BBC and Top Gear for comments made about the range of the Tesla Roadster, the automaker rallied with a second, amended lawsuit. It didn't take long ...

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    Report: UK TV authority lets Jeremy Clarkson off hook for "should be shot" comment

    British television watchdog Ofcom has ruled Jeremy Clarkson didn't violate any broadcasting rules when the Top Gear presenter suggested he would deal with striking public workers by taking the time to "execute them in front of their families." While Clarkson later went on to apologize for the ...

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    Confirmed: Sky Sports gears up for F1 with dedicated channel

    There aren't a lot of television stations in the world dedicated entirely to cars. On this side of the Atlantic, we have Speed and Discovery's new Velocity channel, and the latter isn't even all cars all the time. But now, the UK is getting its own dedicated Formula One network. Resulting from ...

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    Report: Latest group that Jeremy Clarkson has offended? Indians

    Pretty much every time Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson opens his mouth these days, someone takes offense, which does make it hard to tell whether Clarkson is actually offensive. The latest complaints have come after the Top Gear Christmas special, in which Clarkson and his posse go to India on a ...

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    Video: Top Gear teases India special

    We're all for anything Top Gear UK, so we were thrilled to stumble upon this 30-second teaser for the show's trip to India. It appears Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will be embarking on a trade mission. And yes, you read "trade mission." The UK's big three will apparently ...

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    Stig family stickers are a nifty stocking stuffer [UPDATE]

    Those cutesy stick-figure window stickers that tell the world you have three kids and a cat? So lame. If you must advertise the entire family tree on your minivan's back window, and you're a fan of Top Gear, there's a better solution. Gearhead's Stig family sticker set includes the Stig, a Mrs. ...

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    Report: UK Parliament comes down on BBC over Jeremy Clarkson

    Mark Thompson, director general of the BBC, has been forced to go to bat for Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson after the television host jokingly suggested striking public sector workers should be shot in front of their own families. Yep. That sounds like Clarkson to us. According to the UK's ...

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    Study: BBC maps every accident in Great Britain in last 12 years

    According to data acquired by the BBC, roads in Great Britain have played host to 2,396,750 crashes from 1999 to 2010. The Beeb then took that data and plotted every single one of them on a map, represented by a point of light. The resulting graphic looks like a picture from the Hubble Telescope, ...

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    Video: Top Gear producer Wilman praises YouTube parody

    For all of its glory, Top Gear can be a bit formulaic. Any given episode likely includes Jeremy Clarkson saying something absurd about one vehicle/ethnicity or another, at least two of the hosts embroiled in a ludicrous challenge and, of course, plenty of quick editing and stunning videography. ...

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    Video: Behold! The Top Gear intro that Jeremy Clarkson nixed

    Imagining Top Gear without Jessica would be like watching Ernie without Bert, Conan without Andy or Abbott without Costello. The Allman Brothers Band song has become so synonymous with the BBC car program that most probably don't even realize who wrote it in the first place. But there was ...


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