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    Official: Top Gear season premier will air on BBC America days after UK debut

    If you're hungry for the new season of Top Gear and happen to find yourself living in the US, we have good news for you. The BBC has announced season 19 will debut on BBC America one week after it airs in the UK. That's a welcome change from the lengthy wait we're accustomed to on this side of ...

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    Video: Fast N' Loud is Wheeler Dealers, American style

    If you've ever sunk a Saturday afternoon watching a Wheeler Dealers marathon on BBC America, we don't need to tell you the show is plenty addictive. A tag team salesman and mechanic snag slightly run-down cars and SUVs, fix a few simple problems and flip them for a profit in the UK. Now it looks ...

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    Video: BBC America reveals first trailer for Richard Hammond's Crash Course

    When it was made public last summer that Richard Hammond was unhappy with his lot in life on Britain's Top Gear, insiders said he would "get the bigger, more defined role that he deserves." We don't know yet what's in store for him during Series 18 of TG, but it appears he definitely has a bigger ...

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    Official: Top Gear's Top 40 series headed for your TV, America

    Please note: This is your one and only warning to set your DVR. You have until Monday, November 28, at 8:00 pm. That's when BBC America will air the world premiere of the newest Top Gear spin-off: Top Gear Top 40. Now we might normally be a bit critical of a television series that advertises ...

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    Official: Top Gear host Hammond to get own car show in America

    Whether you love Top Gear USA or think it an affront to comedic decency, one thing's certain: the show seems to have helped spawn a new wave of car-themed programming. Adam Carolla's The Car Show has taken to the air as a result of The History Channel's move into fuel-soaked entertainment, and ...

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    Top Gear USA could just become your second favorite automotive television show

    Top Gear USA runs with the bulls – Click above to watch video after the jump
    On Monday, October 18th 2010, Michael Harley and I had the opportunity to attend a taping of an episode of the upcoming Top Gear USA series. As we all know by now, the show is a new version of the BBC original and ...

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    Top Gear Season 15 hitting BBC America Sept. 27

    If you're like us, you've been catching bits and pieces of Top Gear Season 15 on the Interwebs with few complaints. We'll take what we can get, after all, but the world's greatest automotive entertainment show is best watched on a pristine wide-screen television set. Beginning September 27, we ...

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    Top Gear returning to BBC America this month

    Getting the latest episodes of Top Gear on the revolutionary side of the Atlantic has always been a bit of a misadventure. Some episodes were aired on the Discovery Channel. BBC America ran a few as well. And of course there was the ill-fated NBC project to Americanize the program, much as they ...

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    Top Gear faces mounting criticism over costly new stunts. Again.

    Top Gear fans greet each new season with more eager glee. Top Gear critics have taken to welcoming each new run with more criticism. According to the Belfast Telegraph, the latest "How dare they!" comes from a Minister of Parliament (MP) and Friends of the Earth, who want to run TG up the ...

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    Top Gear coming to America in HD?!

    Pinch us. Could it be that our dreams – which, incidentally, we proudly share with Sandra Bullock – of watching Top Gear in High Definition may soon come true? It certainly seems like a real possibility now that BBC America officially launched its HD programming on Monday, July 20 at ...

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    Top Gear episodes now available on Xbox Live Marketplace

    Here around Autoblog's virtual offices, there are few things on which we love to spend our down time more than watching Top Gear and playing on our Xbox 360. So it comes as a special bit of parenthetical news that the hit British BBC show has now become available directly on the Xbox Live ...

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    BBC America to air full Top Gear episodes for seaon 8

    Final Gear is reporting that the BBC America will start airing full episodes of the 8th season of Top Gear later this month. No more of those watered down 30-minute "specials" we saw on BBC World. No more downloading overseas episodes from the net. No more American Top Gear with no recognizable ...


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