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    ETC: This Decepticon-themed Maserati ticketed for imitating a police car

    States have different laws about how closely your car can mimic the look of a police car, which this Massachusetts driver might've wanted to have look into. Even though he's driving a Maserati GranTurismo in homage to the Transformer Barricade and it reads "Decepticons" and "To punish and ...

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    Transformers "Barricade" Saleen Mustang sold at auction for $36,000

    One of three "Barricade" Saleen Mustangs produced for Transformers – Click above for gallery
    For better or worse, not all of us can be Sam Witwicky, swapping spit with Megan Fox and attempting to foil galactic evil robots taking the form of common automobiles. But then, there's nothing ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Saleen Transformers Barricade Replica

    click above for more images of the Saleen Transformers Barricade Replica var digg_url = ''; We are big fans of the movie Transformers despite its faults, and not because we're fascinated with alien robots, but rather ...

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    Transformers family portrait released by studio

    click above image to view desktop wallpaper-sized versionsBefore the new Transformers movie opens on July 4th, the film's producers thought it would be a good idea to round up the cast and take a friendly family portrait before all hell breaks loose and it's robot against robot. Let's see, we've ...

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    Evil robot Mustang from Transformers to punish and enslave the Camaro

    click on image to enlargeOne reason we're so geeked about the upcoming live action Transformers movie that's scheduled to open on July 4th, 2007, is that we will see the familiar battle of Ford vs. Chevy in a most unfamiliar way. Watching the two brands battle it out in the marketplace is a bore. ...


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