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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: Ford Thunderbird Italien Concept goes for $600,000

    var digg_url = ''; Most early Ford show cars were sent to be destroyed after serving their duty, but this special car, a one-off Thunderbird called the "Italien" managed to escape the crusher. The story goes that ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: General Lee Dodge Charger brings $450,000

    Click the image above for a high resolution image var digg_url = ''; If Wikipedia is correct (isn't it always?), there were a total of 309 General Lee Dodge Chargers used in the making of Dukes of Hazzard. The show ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: Robosaurus crushes cars, wallets - sells for $575,000

    Click above to view a high resolution photo var digg_url = ''; Who wouldn't want to own their very own 29 ton, 40 foot robot that can crush 20,000 pounds with its teeth and shoot 20 foot flames out of its nostrils. As ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: Right to own first Dodge Challenger SRT8 worth $400,000

    Click on the image above for more of the first concept Challenger var digg_url = ''; We were hoping Dodge would give us our first look at the production version Dodge Challenger at Barrett-Jackson (we've seen plenty ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: First production Corvette ZR1 goes for a cool million

    Click the image above for a high resolution photo gallery var digg_url = ''; The automotive world waited what seemed like forever to get its first look at the 2009 Corvette ZR1, but one lucky bidder won't have to wait ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: Chevrolet Corvette Rondine Concept hits $1.76 million

    Click the image above for a high resolution gallery var digg_url = ''; Pininfarina, meet Corvette. Corvette, Pininfarina. This one-off 1963 concept car was created for the Paris Auto Show and has been stored at the ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: First 2008 Shelby GT500 KR sells for $550,000

    Click the image above for a high resolution gallery [We originally listed a final selling price of $605,000, accounting the 10% auction fees. Since this auction was for charity, there were no additional fees and the final selling price is actually $550,000] var digg_url = ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: Carroll Shelby's personal 1969 GT500 Convertible

    Click above for a high resolution gallery of the car var digg_url = ''; Anything with Carroll Shelby's name on it automatically has a higher value, and even more so if his name is on the pink slip as well. This 1969 ...

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    Barrett-Jackson 2008: Panoz Esperante Flying Car

    Click above for high resolution photos of the car var digg_url = ''; We doubt Danny Panoz envisioned anyone attaching wings to an Esperante, let alone actually flying one. Of course, throw Jesse James of West Coast ...

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    Barrett-Jackson settles lawsuit against disgruntled customer

    We heard the first rumblings of discontent a few weeks after last year's Barrett-Jackson when it was reported that some people thought certain cars weren't getting their fair share of time up on the block. One man, David Clabuesch, went as far as chaining up his vehicle after it was sold and trying ...

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    2008 Barrett-Jackson to offer first GT500KR, Corvette ZR1 and Challenger SRT8

    Barrett-Jackson has been the king of muscle cars the last few years. Hemi Cudas, Shelby Mustangs, and Yenko Camaros have commanded high dollar bids from car collectors all around the world. Coming this January, Barrett-Jackson will not only have some of the best classic muscle cars, but the best ...

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    SEMA Concept 'Cuda to be sold at Barrett-Jackson

    click above image for more pics of the Concept 'Cuda It appears that whoever took the trouble to have Metalcrafters build the one-off Concept 'Cuda got tired of it pretty quickly. Just a month after the 'Cuda made its first appearance at the SEMA show, Barrett-Jackson has announced that the car ...

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    Carroll Shelby's personal GT500 coming to Barrett Jackson

    Click the image above for more pics of Carroll Shelby's 1969 Shelby GT500When the GT500 KR was unveiled at New York this past spring, we pressed Ford's SVT team as to why the SVT badging was absent from their creation. Their answer was so simple and obvious that it bears repeating. A 500 HP SVT ...

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    Auction Action, Sin City Edition: Barrett-Jackson may hold auction in Las Vegas

    Back in May we reported that Barrett Jackson was considering a move to Las Vegas after the Scottsdale city council refused to sell Craig Jackson the land he needed to build a permanent facility for his auction house. Nothing had been solidified after several meetings with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. ...

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    Rare Ford concept to go on the block at Barrett-Jackson

    Auto manufacturers have a far less sentimental relationship with their concept cars than we do. Many of the most exciting ideas ever manifested in automotive form have been unceremoniously disposed of once they outlived their usefulness. As car people, we abhor this practice and the equally ...

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    1st Foose Coupe for sale set for Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach

    Click image for photo galleryIf you're interested in being the first person to lay hands on the new Foose Coupe, you'll want to make sure you're ready when Barrett-Jackson's Palm Beach shindig goes down later this month. The rights to the first car being sold to the public will be auctioned off to ...

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    Barrett-Jackson selling 11 Deuces for charity

    Among the astronomically-priced trailer queens, pimped-out SUVs and the just plain weird vehicles that have been on the auction block at Barrett Jackson, next month, there will be one good-hearted gem of a hot rod that will find its way to the podium.One of Ford's 75th Anniversary Deuce ...


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