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barrel of oil

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    Kuwaiti Oil Minister reportedly says OPEC won't increase production until prices hit $100/barrel

    America might get most of its oil from Canada, but the moves that OPEC makes still reverberate here. Thus, a statement by the Kuwaiti Oil Minister Sheikh Ahmed al-Abdullah al-Sabah to reporters yesterday probably won't help decrease domestic gasoline prices any time soon. OPEC's al-Sabah said that ...

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    Oil back below $88 on Monday

    Simply put, the U.S. economy is in the crapper. Stocks are yoyoing and our mortgages are a fraction of what they were even a year ago. For all that's fiscally wrong here in the States, there is one pleasant side effect: the price of a barrel of oil is dropping faster than Kimbo Slice against a two ...

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    One dude caused oil to hit $100/barrel

    It was reported here yesterday that the price of a barrel of oil hit $100 for the first time ever. What actually happened was that one guy bought oil slightly above market price just so he could say "I was the first schmuck to buy oil at $100 a barrel!" The trader hasn't been identified, but after ...

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    Oil hits $100 a barrel for first time ever

    I'm not an investor nor into playing the markets, but I'm staring at a graph right now showing that the price of a barrel of crude oil on the New York Merchantile Index hit $100 shortly after noon EST today, and even I know that's kind of a big thing. This is for the price of crude oil futures for ...


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