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Bowing to pressure from consumers and advocacy groups, major car rental companies have agreed to end the practice of renting cars that have been recalled for safety problems.

In 2004, Raechel and Jackie Houck were killed when they were in a fiery accident in the 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser they had rented from Enterprise. The girls' mother, Cally Houck, sued Enterprise when it was discovered that their Chrysler was the subject of a recall to repair a power steering hose leak over a potential fire issue, yet the car hadn't been reparied before it was rented. The five-year trial concluded in 2010, with Enterprise admitting negligence, at which point it was ordered by a ju

The relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia is a tenuous one. For better or worse, it usually involves the American government siding with the Saudi royal family – arguably at the expense of the people over which the latter rule. But this time, the roles have changed, with U.S. lawmakers taking up a cause championed by social activists on the street (quite literally) against the nation's historically conservative government and social mores.

Senator Barbara Boxer said regarding the EPA's denial of California's waiver request: "Administrator Johnson's decision to deny the waiver was not supported by the facts, by the law, by the science, or by precedent. I will use every available tool to ensure that California and the nation are able to reduce the pollution that causes global warming. One of those tools is legislation that essentially overturns Mr. Johnson's actions."

In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision that the EPA does have the authority to regulate greenhouse gases, Senator Barbara Boxer is urging the Bush White House to do something quickly to curb greenhouse gases. Boxer, who is chairwoman of the Senate Environment Committee also wants the Environmental Protection Agency to start creating new regulations limiting CO2 emissions from coal-burning power plants. EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson will be testifying before Boxer's committee on Apr

The Democratic chest beating over reducing tax cuts for the rich oil companies may be silenced by one of their own. Sen. Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico is warning his colleagues not to rush matters. He wants hearings on any tax-cut repeals that incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will promote during the first 100 hours of the new Congress. Bingaman will have some clout in the matter as the next chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He expressed concern that oil companies would go

Sen. Barbara Boxer of California will soon take over as chairwoman of the U.S. Senate Environmental Public Works Committee. Major policy shifts on global warming, air quality and toxic waste are expected as she is one of the most liberal members of the Senate. And she's replacing one of the most conservative Republicans, James Inhofe of Oklahoma. He had blocked bills seeking to cut greenhouse gases, calling global warming a "hoax." Environmentalists are cheering the change. Boxer is likely to mo

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer wrote a piece in the Perspective section of last Sunday's San Jose Mercury News asking Californians to vote yes on Proposition 87. According to the California State Association of Counties (CSAC), Prop 87 would establish a $4 billion program to reduce oil and gasoline usage by 25 percent over the next 10 years while creating research and development incentives for alternative energies and alternative-fueled vehicles. The program would be funded by a tax placed upon oil

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