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    Video: Toyota GT86 ad banned in UK for encouraging "dangerous driving"

    A ban has reportedly been issued on a UK commercial for the Toyota GT86 (know as the Scion FR-S here in the US) that supposedly might "encourage motorists to drive irresponsibly," because it "condoned dangerous driving." The commercial, known as "The Real Deal," in question has very clearly made ...

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    Video: Banned Dacia Duster advert is funny, strange

    Banned Dacia Duster ad – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Let's just start by saying that the ad in the video after the jump contains some not-so-safe-for-work language and a couple of crude body gestures. Dacia evidently worked up an ad for its Duster that was intended to ...

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    VIDEO: UK ad authority restricts "violent" VW ad after logging 1,000+ compliants

    Click above to watch VW's banned video after the jump
    Remember this Matrix-inspired VW ad that arrived just before the holidays last year? It seems the exaggerated fight scenes were too much for some viewers on the other side of the Pond. The British Advertising Standards Authority received more ...

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    California outlaws texting while driving... finally

    After wiping the egg off his face for approving legislation earlier this year that banned cell phone use yet still allowed texting behind the wheel, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hurriedly signed legislation today banning drivers from sending, writing, or reading messages on electronic ...

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    Lead wheel weights meet their demise in California

    Environmentally-friendly California is putting an end to lead balancing weights on wheels and tires. The heavy metal neurotoxin is polluting the state's ground water supplies, according to the Center for Environmental Health. The group claims that more than 500,000 pounds of lead weights are ...

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    More hysteria over suggestive ads: Hyundai yanks ad featuing baby behind the wheel

    Aw hell, here we go again. Hyundai is pulling its spot called "Restless" after the Advertising Standards Bureau of Australia banned it. The ad, which appeals to people's warm, gooey centers by adultifying toddlers, shows a baby snatching the keys to the Santa Fe and hitting the highway. Along the ...

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    Ferrari F430 may be banned in U.S.

    It is being reported that sales of the Ferrari F430 may be banned in the U.S. by late 2006 due to the supercar’s airbags being unable to protect a small number of female occupants and children who are buckled into the car’s passenger seat. Ferrari has filed a petition with the NHTSA to ...


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