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    Putting It In Perspective: Largest bankruptcies in U.S. history displayed graphically

    Click above to view Good Magazine's largest bankruptcies in U.S. history infographic
    The benevolent-minded folks over at Good Magazine have commissioned infographic specialists Always With Honor to give us a little perspective on America's recent rash of bankruptcies. Using the 'sinking ship' ...

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    TRUST successfully reorganized in Japan, GReddy in the U.S. churning along

    This past September, Trust Co. LTD – the parent company of GReddy Performance Products in the U.S. – declared the Japanese equivalent of Chapter 11. According to a release from the aftermarket parts supplier, Trust has successfully completed the reorganization process (known in Japan as ...

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    Saab files for bankruptcy in Swedish courts, wants $1B

    General Motors confirmed this morning that Saab's days as a part of the Detroit-based company are numbered. The Swedish brand has filed paperwork with courts in its home country for reorganization that would lead to its independence. This self-managed reorganization is analogous to the U.S. Chapter ...

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    POLL: Would you buy a car from a company in bankruptcy?

    In recent weeks, the idea that one or all three of Detroit's automakers could end up filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the coming weeks or months has gained a lot of momentum. In theory, the advantage of chapter 11 is that it provides protection from creditors while the company is ...

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    Chrysler idles four plants after supplier goes bankrupt

    UPDATE: Automotive News is reporting that all 14 of Chrysler's manufacturing plants could be shut down to the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing of ex-supplier Plastech. Plastech supplied components like interior trim, engine covers, moldings, door panels, and floor consoles to Chrysler, Ford, GM, and ...


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