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    Report: More Americans paying their car loans on time

    Nearly everyone in America with a car loan is making the payment on time, the Detroit Free Press is reporting. A scant .36 percent of people with a car loan are 60 or more days behind on making their payment, according to a TransUnion report looking at the January through March quarter of auto ...

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    Video: Japan's not-so-armored car services and how they move money

    They do things a little differently in Japan. Now that we've qualified for the Understatement Of The Year award, allow us to elaborate. Here in the United States, banks rely on privately-contracted security services to move large quantities of money from one secure location to another. These ...

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    Spyker courts European investors

    If you're a regular reader here on Autoblog, it should come as no surprise that Spyker is in deep financial trouble. The exotic Dutch carmaker was forced to sell off its F1 team, cancel the production of the C12 Zagato supercar and even mortgage its own name. Never content to go quietly into the ...

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    racING: Dutch bank invests heavily in F1

    Dutch financial giant ING is investing heavily in F1 to promote its banking services with the same fast-paced, cutting-edge, dynamic image sought after by every F1 sponsor. However, unlike other companies that start small, ING aims to make a splash that no spectator could miss. There are a number ...


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