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    Microsoft CEO gets 1,000,000th Ford with SYNC

    One Millionth SYNC: Click above to view the high-res gallery
    Ford and SYNC have combined to be the peanut butter and jelly of automotive tech combo deals. 80% of the vehicles Ford sells now has the infotainment system, helping the Blue Oval and Microsoft reach 1 million sales of the infotainment ...

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    What do billionaires drive? Same cars as the rest of us...

    If you had a net worth in the billions of dollars, what would you drive? A bright red Ferrari? The million-dollar Bugatti Veyron? The super-luxurious Maybach 62? How about one of each? You may be surprised to find out what Forbes' Top Ten richest people in the world are driving. Not an exotic ...

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    A peek into the garages of the world's billionaires reveals... a 13-year-old Volvo?

    Nate Chapnick over at is either terribly resourceful or amazingly persistent, as he's gone to the trouble of ringing up DMVs around the U.S. in order to find out what car keys America's billionaires secret in their suit pockets. Judging by a list that includes far more prosaic ...


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