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    Video: Englishman builds amazing weaponized 100-hp Tuk Tuk from Far Cry 4

    To celebrate the release of the Playstation game Far Cry 4, Ubisoft partnered with wild English inventor Colin Furze on creating a weaponized tuk tuk that in-game hero Ajay Ghale uses to combat the Royal Army of Pagan Min. The original engine in the Bajaj tuk tuk - usually good for something like ...

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    Official: Husqvarna sold to KTM CEO Stefan Pierer

    A couple of days ago the UK's Motorcycle News reported that BMW was in the final stages of selling Husqvarna to KTM, with a deal potentially confirmed as soon as this week. Following that came reports that Husqvarna Motorcycles wasn't sold to KTM but to a Pierer Industries, the company owned by ...

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    Bajaj RE60 may take World's Cheapest Car title from Tata Nano

    The Tata Nano may not be the runaway sales success the vehicle's Indian manufacturers had hoped, but that hasn't stopped other automakers from eying India's blooming inexpensive vehicle segment. The country's largest manufacturer of three wheelers is set to dip a toe into the automotive ...

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    Report: China's BAIC gunning to buy Pininfarina

    BAIC C71EV – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Beijing Automotive Industry Corp, or BAIC, is looking to buy Italian design firm Pininfarina. The Chinese automaker is already working with Pininfarina in collaboration on its upcoming models based on older Saabs. Since mid-2009, ...

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    VIDEO: Bajaj motorcycles ad ape Transformers, proves idea is still sound even without Megan Fox

    Click above to watch the video
    Bajaj, India's largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles and holder of a 14.5% stake in X-Bow maker KTM, is known not only for innovations like adding fuel injection to small-bore motorcycles and introducing dual spark technology, but also for producing excellent ...

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    Confirmed: Nissan/Renault developing low-cost Nano-killer with Bajaj

    It was rumored that Nissan/Renault was serious about fielding a low-priced competitor to the $2,500 USD Tata Nano, and the automaker made it official today by announcing a plan to produce an equally inexpensive car called the ULC in conjunction with Indian automaker Bajaj Auto. The two companies ...

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    Video: Awesome Indian ad for Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle

    Follow along past the break to watch the entire video While Bajaj is primarily known for its line of retro-style scooters in America, Bajaj is a major player in their home country of India in the motorcycle market. Their flagship model, the Pulsar, is a very respected motorcycle in India, and ...

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    Bajaj Auto debuts $3,000 car ahead of Tata

    With less than a day to go before Tata unveils its much-hyped $2,500 "people's car," one of the automaker's Indian rivals, Bajaj Auto, has unveiled a vehicle with a similar purpose. The concept, which was designed and built in India, will be produced under the Nissan/Renault/Bajaj alliance and ...


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