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bailout bill

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    Total Bailout Bill: $97.4 Billion, with a 'B'

    With all the rescue/bailout talk going on here at Autoblog and, oh, just about everywhere else, you may find that it's tough to keep up with it all. Thankfully, the scribes over at Detroit Free Press have consolidated the discussion down to one easy-to-read but tough-to-comprehend figure: $97.4 ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #106

    Has it really been a month of podcasts already? Alex Nunez and editor Neff join Chris and Dan for Autoblog Podcast Episode 106. Hilarity ensues as we cover the bailout (what else?) and try to touch on a couple other issues before finally deflating like a punctured balloon at the 64-minute mark. ...

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    Mulally chooses Escape Hybrid for D.C. road trip

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 Escape Hybrid
    Ford CEO Alan Mulally has made the politically correct decision for his return trip to Washington DC this week and is skipping the company jet. In fact, he's skipping the airport altogether and hitting the road in an Escape Hybrid. It ...

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    Porsche head predicts a hedge fund will swallow GM or Ford

    Little guy Porsche is taking huge swings, and not just at the giant that is Volkswagen. Porsche head Wendelin Wiedeking had fierce Teutonic words for General Motors and Ford, and banks. His Rindfleisch – beef, that is – with U.S. automakers is that, through unsound practices, they have ...

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    GM jets: No tracking for you!

    GM has seven planes (four of them are for sale), and one of them was recently and infamously used for a brief sojourn to Washington for head honcho Rick Wagoner. When the public found out about it, well, let's just say the polling numbers weren't exactly favorable. For reasons that might or might ...

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    Would GM shed Saab, Saturn and Pontiac to secure gov't aid?

    When ants need to cross some dangerous span in order to get to the thing they want, certain ants in the colony will sacrifice themselves to build a bridge that other ants can cross. That's how you get the honey. In GM's case, the honey is a $12 billion government lifeline. The dangerous span is, ...

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    Michael Moore mixed on Big 3 bailout

    While there is definitely a huge rift between those who favor a Detroit bailout and those who would rather see the Big 3 fade away, you'd think that someone like Flint-native and documentary maker Michael Moore would be all in favor of helping the Big Three succeed. After all, Moore rose to fame ...

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    Aw Snap! Congressional Democrats undercut compromise bailout bill

    Wow, what an amazing piece of political theater that just went down. As we reported, four senators from auto producing state (two Democrats and two Republicans) led by Michigan Senator Carl Levin have reached an agreement on a compromise bailout bill for automakers. They were set to announce ...

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    The Detroit 3's problem is really... "vehicle density"?

    There have been so many different arguments for why The Detroit 3 should or shouldn't get a bailout that we could make a casserole out of them. One argument against a bailout -- or at least, a reason for the futility of a bailout -- that we don't recall hearing yet is "vehicle density." The ...

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    Quoth Mitt Romney in the NYT: "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"

    Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor, former entrant in the marathon to win the White House, and current automotive industry expert (who knew?) had a few things to say in the New York Times today on the potential auto industry bailout. The opening paragraph says it all: "IF General Motors, ...

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    The Skinny: Automaker aid from the Feds

    So here's a breakdown of what's going on in Congress concerning federal aid for U.S. automakers. A Senate bill expected to be voted on this Thursday would expedite funds for Ford, GM and Chrysler so that they could actually get the cash they need within 22 days after the bill becomes law -- should ...

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    Senator calls for 50-mpg mandate for Detroit to receive aid

    "Thick and fast." That's the phrase that describes the opinions, pleas, advice, denunciations, and WTF? going on around the U.S. auto industry right now. Enter Congress, which is trying to figure out how to give Detroit automakers the $25 billion they were promised a few months ago. Congressmen are ...


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