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6Chaos ensues in pileup at Macau tin-top race

Touring car grids around the world have been growing at suitably rapid pace. The British Touring Car Championship has been fielding record numbers of entries, DTM and V8 Supercars both have more manufacturers participating than they have had in years, the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship has brought several national series together on one grid.... we could go on, but you get the point. And nothing illustrates that point quite like this pileup at this year's Macau Grand Prix.

21China sold only 7,000 electric automobiles in 2013

Sales Likely To Increase, As Total Sudsidies Can Now Total $19,500 In Some Cities

The goal of the plan is to have five million EVs on the roads by the end of 2020.

101Beijing Auto out to acquire 'mid to high-end' US or Euro brand

The growing Chinese market is pushing some of the country's domestic automakers to look outside the People's Republic as a means of gaining prominence and influence across the globe. This has certainly been the case with Volvo, which was snapped up by Geely. More recent examples include Dongfeng and its investment in PSA Peugeot Citroën.

2Daimler buying 12% stake in Beijing Auto

Daimler and Beijing Automotive are officially going steady, with the German company set to take a 12-percent stake in the Chinese brand tomorrow. The two are already tied up in a Mercedes engine plant in Beijing, of which BAIC will increase its stake in, from 50 to 51 percent. Daimler will also get two seats on the Chinese company's board. BAIC may also gain the ability to produce cars on Mercedes-Benz platforms, according to Automotive News Europe.

18China's BAIC looking over Fisker assets for possible purchase

It looks like Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corp. (BAIC), which was recently reported to be taking a look at unnamed European automakers for a potential acquisition, has come to this side of the Pond. The latest news is that BAIC is targeting extended-range plug-in vehicle maker Fisker Automotive for a possible buyout, Automotive News China reports, citing various Chinese media sources. BAIC executives visited Fisker's offices in Southern California last week, according to Automotive News

45Beijing Auto investigating three European automakers for possible takeover

Beijing Automotive Group has said it plans to sell 400,000 units in markets outside of China by 2020. In order to accomplish this goal, the company intends to acquire a "medium-sized" European automaker with a good brand image for a takeover. Right now, Bloomberg indicates that BAIC has identified three unnamed potential candidates, and says that it wants to move while the European economy is still sluggish. Buying an existing automaker makes sense, as doing so will allow BAIC to hit the ground

23Nicolas Cage flogs Saab-based Senova from Beijing Auto [w/video]

BAIC has officially pulled the covers off of its new Senova D Series sedan for China. The four-door is based on the old Saab 9-5 and boasts a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Local buyers can get their hands on the machine for around $22,745 at current conversion rates. Other engine options include a turbocharged 1.8-liter four cylinder as well as turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder, and a wide range of safety equipment comes standard on every trim except the very base model. Those

18BAIC 500 and 900 Concepts look cool, offer little info

Chinese company BAIC showed up to the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show with a pair of concepts, the 500 (above) and 900 (right). And while we don't have much in the way of information about these vehicles from the People's Republic, they're still pretty neat and worthy of some attention.

2Boston Power to supply packs for battery-powered Beijing Electric C70

After years of effort, Boston Power's lithium-ion Swing Power cells will finally find a home inside a Saab chassis. In a roundabout sort of way.

AddBeijing Hyundai Motor to unveil production-ready electric vehicle by end of 2011

Beijing Hyundai Motor, a joint venture between South Korean automaker Hyundai and China's Beijing Automotive Industry Holding (BAIC), will reportedly unveil a production-ready electric vehicle by the end of 2011, according to local media sources in China.

9Beijing Autos shows T60 based on Saab 9-3

You never know what you'll find cruising the halls of the Shanghai Motor Show. China Car Times has discovered a true oddity of automotive evolution – the Beijing Auto T60 Sedan. What's so curious about this particular four-door? As you may recall, BAIC recently got its hands on the old Saab 9-3 platform, and word on the web is that the automaker was itching to prove that it can hone aging bones into an attractive vehicle. The result is the T60. According to the Chinese automaker, the conce

9Volvo denies talk of Saab takeover,
Muller looking for partner in China

It looks like Volvo and Saab won't be teaming up to create one Swedish carmaker to rule them all. According to Reuters, Volvo has made it clear that the company has had no talks with Saab about buying the besieged automaker and that none are scheduled to take place. The Swedish newspaper De Telegraf had previously reported that the Swedish government was urging Volvo into talks with Saab about a potential takeover. The move would mean that a government loan previously granted to Saab by the Euro

25BAIC launches 007 SUV, James Bond shaken and stirred

BAIC 007 Sport Utility Vehicle – Click above for high-res image gallery

42Report: China's BAIC gunning to buy Pininfarina

BAIC C71EV – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddValeo, BAIC develop demo electric car

On Monday, Valeo, an automotive supplier that focuses on components designed to reduce a vehicle's CO2 emissions, and Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC), presented a battery-powered demonstration car equipped with the latest electric-drive components to the Governor of Beijing, China.

AddBAIC to roll out 30 electric cars by year's end; produce 3,500 more in 2011

BAIC C71 EV – Click above for high-res image gallery

5BAIC to launch swap-capable, battery-powered C71 sedan in 2011

BAIC C71 EV – Click above for high-res image gallery

14Report: Saab turned a profit in 2009. Wait, wha?!

Swedish site The Local claims that Saab produced $531 million in black ink in 2009. Not possible, right? General Motors was, after all, all too ready to walk away and let the Born from Jets automaker die a pauper's death. Well, it seems as though all automaker profits come chock-full of asterisks, and the half a billion dollar profit is certainly no different. Saab was reportedly able to make with the dough by brokering deals with creditors to write off 75 percent of its debt and by selling tech

18Beijing 2010: BAIC (Saab) C60 and C71 and swappable batteries

BAIC C71EV – Click above for high-res image gallery

2Beijing 2010: BAIC (Saab) C60 and C71 and swappable batteries

BAIC C71EV – Click above for high-res image gallery

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