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    Official: Carmina Campus repurposes Mini parts into bag collection

    A brand like Mini is as much about image as it is about the vehicles it produces. Hence a seemingly endless array of branded merchandise, joined by this latest collection made in collaboration with Carmina Campus. The fashion brand directed by Ilaria Venturini Fendi – youngest daughter of ...

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    Man's best friend relegated to running board sack in 1936

    Back in the day, they loved their unmitigated dangerousness. Don't want exciteable little Muffy getting all nutso and chewing the seat foam? Stick him in his very own doggy bag and make his stinky little backside ride on the running board. Cut one of those shrinking yellow lights too close, and ...

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    Italian Craftsmanship: Salvatore Ferragamo packs the Maserati GranTurismo

    For those customers who appreciate fine craftsmanship, opening the trunk of their new six-figure Italian GT can provide nearly as much excitement as the car itself. Okay, maybe not that much, but the custom fitted luggage found in the boot of The Boot's most exquisite touring cars has an appeal ...

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    Carry more in your convertible ... in a bag on your trunk

    The English take their convertibles seriously. They also take their road tripping seriously. Put the two together and, as far as luggage room goes, you usually come up with a very short short jaunt or heading to a destination that doesn't require much clothing. Well, as Darwin found, there is no ...

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    Young drivers going after "grandpa cars"

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting on a rather disturbing trend among younger buyers of new and used cars - the tendency to buy outside of the culturally acceptable boundaries of age and generation. Why, there's an absolute epidemic of young adults, some not even yet out of their teens, cruising ...


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