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bad gm

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    Report: "Old GM" quietly dead and buried

    After 103 years of stratospheric heights and immeasurable lows, General Motors Corp. has died. Motors Liquidation Co., or "Old GM," as it became known during the 2009 bankruptcy reorganization, was quietly dissolved on Thursday, Dec. 15, taking the company's bad debts and liabilities along with ...

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    REPORT: Federal bankruptcy court expected to rule on "New GM"

    According to Reuters, General Motors is on its way into bankruptcy court today in an effort to win approval and access to additional federal funding under its asset-split plan. The automaker filed for Chapter 11 protection just 30 days ago, but it will now go before Judge Robert Gerber to sell ...

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    Top 7 Good Cars From "Bad GM"

    General Motors makes more than a few world-class automobiles. As true as that statement may be, that alone wasn't enough to stall the automaker's steady decline – fueled as it may have been by the global economic downturn – into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. To expedite GM's return to ...


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