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    Video: Mini finally lands its full blackflip

    French stuntman Guerlain Chicherit hit the ski slopes of Tignes, France over the weekend – not to enjoy the fresh snow but to perform the first-ever unassisted backlip in a car, which was teased last month. The unassisted part of the stunt comes from the fact that he Chicherit, in a ...

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    VIDEO: Rhys Millen New Year's Eve truck backflip... almost

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    When automotive mad man Rhys Millen broke five vertebrae attempting to back flip the Red Bull trophy truck, it only made him want to try it again. The drift king set the stage for redemption on New Years Eve with the truck, ramp and huge crowd on national ...

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    Rhys Millen injured while practicing truck flip

    var digg_url = ''; There's probably a good reason why nobody has launched a truck off a ramp to execute a backflip. Despite that, Rhys Millen wants to be the first to pull it off. However, the dangers are very real and ...


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