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b9 tribeca

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    Rumormill: Subaru Tribeca getting the axe?

    Could it be? Could Subaru finally be killing the Tribeca? We'll admit it. We've been waiting for this day since we first spied the 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca. So has every other too-clever-by-half automotive journalist who slammed Subie's range-topper when it debuted in late 2005, looking like it ...

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    Saab unearths Subaru Tribeca-based 9-6 prototype from the archives

    Go back a few years ago to when Saab and Subaru were the quirky stepchildren in the General Motors family. That was before GM sold its stake in both, and when the beancounters in Detroit wanted to try something different. They took a Subaru Impreza wagon/hatchback, gave it some new bodywork and ...

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    Report: Mazda6, Subaru Tribeca headed for the exit ramp?

    The Subaru Tribeca and Mazda6 haven't exactly set the U.S. auto market ablaze, and a report in AutoWeek (citing Japan's Nikkan Kogyo) claims that both models could meet an untimely demise. The Tribeca has been unpopular seemingly since the day it was introduced as the B9 Tribeca, and recent ...

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    2008 Subaru B9 Tribeca to bow at New York Auto Show

    2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca The current Subaru B9 Tribeca is a lot like the person with whom your mother wants to set you up. It has a "nice personality," but "good looks" never comes up in conversation. The B9 has been a disappointment to both Subaru fans and company executives who were hoping for much ...

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    Subaru asks Indiana for $212 million in tax abatements

    Subaru is out for millions in Indiana. The automaker is soliciting the city council in Lafayette for $212 million worth of tax abatements so that it can convert its Tippecanoe plant to accommodate Toyota Camry production. Among other things, Subaru has pledged to install some $205 million in ...


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