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    More evidence Nissan will build the Dodge Hornet

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Dodge Hornet concept The Dodge Hornet was one of the best-looking concepts that Chrysler has produced the past few years, and thanks to a partnership with Nissan, the impressive-looking compact is inching closer to production. Chrysler and Nissan have yet ...

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    CONFIRMED: Ford Fiesta coming to America, hope for Mondeo

    Ford of Europe chairman Lewis Booth confirmed today that the next-generation Ford Fiesta for the European market will be brought to us folks in small car-starved North America. In truth, we're not actually starved for small cars in North America, we're just starved for good small cars like the Ford ...

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    AutoExpress reveals first look at Ford's new Fiesta

    Though Ford is in desperate need of a small B-car in the U.S., its Euro arm has the Fiesta that's due for a major update soon. AutoExpress has produced a pair of images that show what the new Fiesta will look like based on "top-secret information" and the new design draws obvious influence from the ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Suzuki Splash concept

    We couldn't figure out why John was sending us pictures of a toy car from the Paris Motor Show until he filled us in that this is actually the very cute, very small Suzuki Splash concept. The little jellybean in Lagoon Blue is what Suzuki dubs a "clinic model," or the first step towards a new ...

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    Chrysler continues to seek partner for B-car production, China still in the mix

    DaimlerChrysler has been looking for a partner to produce subcompact cars, like the Dodge Hornet concept the company unveiled in Geneva last year, and according to Chrysler Group CEO Tom LaSorda, a Chinese company may be the lucky recipient of the business. Speaking at an Automotive Press ...

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    B-cars rule as gas prices become more meaningful

    Everybody thought General Motors was on crack when it launched the Aveo back in 2003. Not particularly attractive or powerful, it did exactly what it was supposed to do -- drive for cheap. Little did the industry know that gas prices were about to blow up, and the image of the B-car as a European ...


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