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19EVTV makes out like bandits at Azure Dynamics liquidation, offers up booty

Across the Do-It-Yourself electric-conversion landscape, there is perhaps no EV drivetrain more longed for than that comprised of a liquid-cooled AC motor mated to a single-speed gearbox. Unfortunately, they are difficult to come by, as the motors are typically only made available to automakers and are usually quite expensive. Gearboxes? Fuggedaboutit.

22Azure Dynamics files for protection, Transit Connect Electric production halted

Azure Dynamics, which develops electric-drive powertrains for automakers such as Ford, said this week that it will file for financial protection from its creditors under Canadian law and will cancel its plans to sell shares in what may be a precursor to a bankruptcy filing.

43Azure Dynamics files for protection, cancels share offering

Azure Dynamics, which develops electric-drive powertrains for automakers such as Ford Motor Co., said it will file for financial protection from its creditors under Canadian law and will cancel its plans to sell shares in what may be a precursor to a bankruptcy filing.

9Norway dealership places largest-ever Ford Transit Connect Electric order

We'd bet Azure Dynamics is thrilled to announce that it just logged its largest Transit Connect Electric order to date. At 100-units strong, Norwegian Ford dealership, RøhneSelmer, can lay claim to the single, most sizable Connect Electric order ever.

20Purolator orders 200 Balance Hybrid Electric vans from Azure Dynamics

Last month, Purolator announced that it significantly expanded the number of hybrid vehicles in its North American fleet. Now, the Canadian logistics company aims to equip its fleet with at least 200 more gas-electric models. This time around, Purolator has turned to Azure Dynamic to fulfill a 200-unit order for hybrid delivery vans. Michigan-based Azure will supply Purolator with its Balance Hybrid Electric, a vehicle which integrates a Ford E450 chassis with a 4.5-liter gasoline engine and a J

24Say It Ain't So: Bentley issues recall over retractable hood ornament rust

Bentley Flying B – Click above for high-res image gallery

6Ford, Azure Dynamics will expand Transit Connect Electric to Europe in 2011

Ford Transit Connect Electric – Click above for high-res image gallery

15Bentley Azure ending production... to be replaced by four-door convertible?

Bentley Azure T – Click above for high-res image gallery

AddAzure Dynamics gets FedEx order for 51 hybrid vans

Things are looking up for Azure Dynamics these days. After inking a deal to help Ford with the development and production of the Transit Connect BEV next year, the company has a new order for its hybrid delivery vans. FedEx has signed up to take on another 51 of the vans based on Ford's E450 cutaway chassis. Once the new vans are delivered by the end of this year, FedEx will have 325 hybrid and electric vans in its fleet and its Bronx, New York facility will be the first all-hybrid depot in the

14LA Preview: Bentley Azure T to debut in city of angels

Click above for a hi-res gallery of the Bentley Azure T

AddAzure Dynamics signs deal with Ford dealerships for hybrid trucks

Even though some people within Ford think hybrid trucks are a "publicity stunt," the heavy-duty hybrid van maker Azure Dynamics knows that it can still count on FoMoCo for some hybrid help. Azure announced this week that it has signed new Sales & Service agreements with some Ford dealerships to work on the company's Balance Hybrid Electric commercial trucks. Azure Dynamics will now work with eight more Ford dealerships around the country (see a full list after the jump), bringing the total t

AddCon Edison of New York orders hybrid electric trucks from Azure Dynamics

Azure Dynamics doesn't make the world's flashiest hybrids, but the company's Balance Hybrid Electric system built into Ford E450 chassis are regularly sold to utilities and other fleet operators. The latest order, for three such vehicles, comes from Con Edison of New York. According to Azure, the gasoline-electric hybrids boost fuel economy by up to 40 percent compared to non-hybrid versions of these large trucks. They also emit up to 30 percent less carbon (in city conditions). As we well know,

AddPennsylvania DOT settles on Azure Dynamics hybrid buses

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation likes what it sees in hybrid buses from Azure Dynamics. PennDOT placed an order for 10 eighteen-passenger Azure/StarTrans Hybrid Para-transit Citibus vehicles and may order 15 more in the future. The PennDOT hybrids will have a few specific abilities, including "engine-off driving while electronically supporting key ancillary functions like air conditioning, power steering and braking," according to Azure's announcement of the sale (available after t

8Bentley sells 10,014 cars during record 2007

Click image for a hi-res gallery of our Autoblog Garage Continental GTC

AddAzure Dynamics and Utilmaster to begin building hybrids together

Utilmaster, the company that makes the trucks that deliver your packages, uniforms and potato chips, has taken note of the price its customers are paying for gas and is following up on a memorandum of understanding it struck last August with hybrid power train developer Azure Dynamics. Yes, pen has been put to paper and a supply contract has been signed. Scott Harrison, Azure's Chief Executive Officer, said in a press release issued by the company, that since the announcement of the original mem

AddAzure Dynamics sending another Ford E-450 hybrid to a "major" company fleet

Azure Dynamics announced this week that it will deliver one of their Ford E-450 parallel hybrids vans to a "major fleet." Which company will get the van is unsaid at this point, but it is a North American company that will use the hybrid for "industry viability validation, testing and demonstration." Should the tests work out, the company will become a "lead customer for Azure's hybrid technology on the Ford E-450 chassis with a minimum commitment of 10 percent of their fleet replacement purchas

AddPurolator increases order for hybrid Ford E-450s from Azure

It's not only hydrogen-powered Ford E-450s that the Canadian government is into. Thanks to a recent funding announcement to help businesses become more environmentally friendly, Ontario will invest $15 million (Canadian) in a pilot project. As part of this project, Purolator, Canada's largest courier company, decided to order itself some more of Azure Dynamics' E-450 hybrid vans.

9First look: Bentley Havana coupe

British buff mag CAR has posted the first photo of the Geneva-bound Bentley Havana coupe. This fixed-roof version of the Azure convertible will have big power coming from the twin-turbo V8 under its substantial hood. Figure 450 ponies and an asphalt-damaging 675 ft-lbs of torque and you've got the idea. As for the rest, what do you expect? Its a Bentley, so figure on an interior that's nicer than some homes with a sticker price to match.

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