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24Angular Tirrito Ayrton R debuts in Monaco

The Tirrito Ayrton first reared its razor-edged head in 2009, looking like something Predator would drive if he was in the market for a supercar. For this year's Top Marques Monaco, Tirrito has rolled out the Ayrton R , the lighter, more powerful version of Predator's chosen mode of transportation.

8VIDEO: Clash of the Titans - Stewart interviews Senna

Formula One drivers get interviewed all the time, so their media skills have to be as honed as their driving aptitude. But it's not often you see one of the greatest, most legendary drivers of all time being interviewed by another one of the greatest, most legendary drivers of all time. The few times that does happen, it's good entertainment, giving us an inside glimpse into the paddock dynamics.

27VIDEO: Ayrton Senna laps Suzuka in an NSX

With superfast Imprezas and Skylines galore, Japan has produced some impressive performance cars, but only one bonafide supercar: the NSX. Honda developed the groundbreaking all-aluminum exotic with input from the legendary (and tragically short-lived) three-time F1 champ Ayrton Senna, who drove several Honda-powered grand prix cars throughout his career.

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