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    Official: Toyota offering spicy new Aygo Tobasco special edition

    Getting word of another special edition from the UK isn't surprising, as we've grown almost numb from the carnival of Mazda, BMW and Citroën models that have been given a few extra gubbins for a few extra quid. But when the Union pairs a Toyota Aygo with Tabasco – as in, the legendary ...

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    Official: Toyota l'eggos updated Aygo

    The 2012 Toyota Aygo is here with better looks, better fuel economy and emissions and better equipment. It's the supermini's first serious overhaul since it was introduced in 2005, and it borrows some of its aesthetic chops from the recently unveiled 2012 Yaris. A bulldog-y stance is emphasized ...

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    China's F1 entry... sorta

    There have been many pretenders to the throne of "F1 car for the road". Ferrari, McLaren... even newcomer Caparo has joined the frey. But this has to be the farthest contender off the mark, if not the most worthy of the name "pretender" at least. Our friends at The Hollywood Extra have a spy shot ...

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    Toyota Aygo may make it to U.S.

    Why you ask? They already have the Yaris taking care of the B-segment market, why on earth would they want to import something even smaller? One word: SMART.According to Inside Line's sources, Toyota may bring the Aygo, already a popular city-car in Europe, over to the U.S. in two-door form to ...

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    Toyota Aygo averages 90 mpg in GreenFleet Fuel Challenge

    The Toyota Aygo, a diminutive hatchback that has charmed even the power junkies that host Top Gear, achieved 90.17 mpg during the first GreenFleet Fuel Challenge in the U.K. The competition pitted 20 vehicles in various categories against each other to demonstrate the potential environmental and ...

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    TGIF: Toyota Aygo soccer video

    The guys at Top Gear really know how to show a small hatchback a good time... by using it to play soccer. Five a side "football" with Toyota Aygos pits red versus blue for the ultimate sporting experience. Don't try this at home, though -- we hope the Top Gear body shop repair specialists ...

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    Geneva Motor Show: Toyota goes loopy with Aygo For Sports

    While we're just getting used to the idea of the cheap n' cheerful Yaris subcompact Stateside, in other markets, Toyota has an even less expensive offering for sale, the Aygo. Building on the discount front wheel driver, the quizzically-named Aygo For Sports looks like a ...


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